A Trendy Peace

by Kerri Ann Moriarty

Kerri Ann Moriarty of A Trendy Peace knows a thing or two about blogging. The Bostonian has learned a thing or two about dressing for cold weather (thanks to Mother Nature’s gift of copious amounts of snow), she prefers espresso over a latte, and her main source of inspiration is other bloggers. Get to know the brunette beauty today with Blogspotter.

  1. Tell us a little bit about A Trendy Peace

    A Trendy Peace is a place where I can share two of my favorite things – shopping and styling looks. It’s been a great platform to further my extreme shopaholic tendencies. My goal is to put together looks that are a mix of high end and budget friendly pieces and it’s a fun place to explore different trends and styles that I don’t always get to wear around work and everyday life. A Trendy Peace is my creative outlet and it’s an added bonus that so many wonderful people follow along and support.

  2. When did you officially start blogging?

    ATP kicked off officially in July 2014.

  3. How does living in Boston, MA influence your style?

    It can be tricky trying to find looks that are weather appropriate during the cooler seasons, like now for example when it’s consistently less than zero degrees and there is about seven feet of snow on the ground. Every morning I wonder if it’s worth risking frostbite or a broken ankle to wear a great pair of heels. Boston is such a fun city with so many different styles, it’s fun to people watch for style inspiration. Boston’s business scene definitely shows up in my style a lot where I mix boardroom friendly pieces with casual or girly pieces.

  4. Did you formally study fashion as an undergrad? If not, do you find that you’re able to incorporate what you did study into your blog?

    I’ve never formally studied fashion; my education background is in finance and business. If you’re looking to collaborate with brands or grow a large following, running a blog is a lot like running a business so I do find myself applying some of what I’ve learned to the blog.

  5. What’s your main source of style inspiration?

    Other bloggers! I’ve been following some of my favorite blogs for years and whether my style shows a subtle influence or is outright duplicating a look, I am always trying to catch up all of my favorites’ new posts. Oh yeah, and Vogue helps too.

  6. How would you describe your personal style?

    It definitely varies a lot, I think the principles to my style are to find trends and pieces that really work for my body and the philosophy of investment pieces. You’ll see I often wear oversize tops with skinnier bottoms because I love how I feel in that style – and with the addition of a gorgeous designer handbag, that budget friendly T.J. Maxx outfit takes you from looking like a million bucks – to ten million.

  7. "Share the love. Don’t be afraid to tell other bloggers (or anyone for that matter) that you love their look."— Kerri Ann Moriarty
  8. QUICK! Latte or cappuccino?

    Latte! Although honestly, usually it’s just an espresso, please!

  9. QUICK! Navy or black?

    All black everythang – it’s a classic look that can never go out of style.

  10. Do you have a favorite accessory? What is it?

    A good handbag. My Louis Vuitton speedy will probably forever be my favorite accessory because it was the first investment piece I ever bought – I bought it after college and a few months at my big girl job to celebrate officially being a grownup.

  11. Are there any websites or online resources that you turn to for guidance with respect to blogging and maintaining your blog?

    I schedule my posts once a week using Blogger, Hootsuite, and the tools available on Facebook. I work with [Tisket](http://www.tisket.com/) to create the shoppable carousels in each of my blog posts. And I use Lightroom for editing!

  12. Who takes your photos for you, and what type of camera do you use?

    When I’m lucky, Jill from [Maggie Jill Photography](http://maggiejillphotography.weebly.com/) takes my photos – she was the first person to help me get the blog started. She shoots with a Nikon D610. When she’s busy being fabulous and running her own business, my wonderful manfriend takes my photos using a Nikon D3100.

  13. Does social media play a big part in your blogging process? Which social media sites do you feel are crucial to your success?

    Absolutely. I don’t think a soul would know about the blog if it weren’t for Instagram. I think IG is the most important for me, followed by Bloglovin and Facebook. I think it’s important to give people access to your blog on any channel, so they can follow along with you the way they want to.

  14. What’s the most rewarding component of blogging?

    Being able to share something I love and am passionate about with so many wonderful, sweet, people. The amount of support in the blogging community is amazing – everyone is so supportive and only has nice things to say. Finding new bloggers gives me new sources of style inspiration and it’s wonderful to connect with ladies all over the world who have as big a shopping habit as I do!

  15. What has blogging taught you that you did not expect to learn?

    That it makes you feel really great to wear a fabulous outfit everyday, that there are SO many more places to shop than I thought, and that taking great selfies is SO much harder than it looks.

  16. If you were to give one piece of advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

    Share the love. Don’t be afraid to tell other bloggers (or anyone for that matter) that you love their look. Getting a compliment on a look I’ve styled makes my day and it’s a great way to start connecting with other bloggers and get your blog out there!