Amy's Vintage Closet

by Amy Black

Amy Black is the Phoenix, Arizona based blogger behind Amy’s Vintage Closet. Looking for a “creative outlet and space” where she could showcase her “love for all things fashion”, Amy launched Amy’s Vintage Closet in late 2011. She loves T’s and leggings (comfort is key!), could never live without her hats, and confesses that “true style comes from within and has no boundaries”. Meet Amy Black with Blogspotter today.

  1. Tell us about you and your self-titled blog.

    I launched Amy’s Vintage Closet at the end of 2011. I was looking for a creative outlet and space where I could showcase my love for all things fashion, specifically thrifted or vintage items. From a young age I can remember mixing and matching things, constantly changing my clothing and always feeling excited by a great find or buy. I manage my family’s pizzerias. The average day for a restaurant manager is far from glamorous. As our company grew and my job became more demanding I found myself working more and rarely getting the opportunity to wear some of my favorite pieces from my closet. My hope is that Amy’s Vintage Closet can show other women that you don’t have to dress like a mannequin or buy everything name brand or full-price. True style comes from within and has no boundaries.

  2. So - what was it that really made you want to blog?

    I started this blog to create a healthy, adult outlet for myself. I often get asked what I am wearing or where I got something and having a visual database of my outfits helps a lot. Blogging is very much a positive release that I never knew I needed before. I look forward to blogging after a busy day.

  3. You have lived (literally) all over the world! Has this had an influence on your style?

    Absolutely! I often find a lot of my style inspiration from street style. I would definitely say this really took off for me while living in the Vancouver, BC area. I had never seen such eclectic individual style like Vancouver. San Diego isn’t a huge city on the fashion map in my opinion, but one thing I loved about living there was the laid back, effortlessly chic beach style. The women in San Diego have some of the best skin and hair I have ever seen. I felt like I really became obsessed with layering there. With temperatures in the mid 60’s & 70’s everyday, there’s always a need for a few layered pieces. I have lived in Phoenix for a good portion of my adult life. It has been very fun to watch the fashion scene here grow and develop. One thing that Phoenix specifically has is store access. The city is conveniently set up for shopping. You can pretty much find anything you’re looking when shopping in Phoenix.

  4. Tell us: what was (or is!) your favorite place to live?

    My favorite place to live is Phoenix. My life is very much established here and I do not see myself moving anytime soon. I am such a sun lover. If I could lay out in the sun, by the pool everyday I would (obviously with sunscreen). Most cities have 2-3 months of good weather where we have about 8 months of heaven. The summers are rough on everyone, but I will take the heat over snow any day. I also am a sucker for 100degrees. It is my favorite temperature.

  5. "Try not to compare what you are doing to someone else. Comparison kills passion and without passion whatever you are doing is essentially useless."— Amy Black
  6. How would you describe your personal style?

    This is always hard for me to answer. My style is a direct reflection of my mood. Sometimes I feel very girly and sophisticated and other times all I want to wear is all black. I love a good pair of heels, but sneakers are also adding up quickly in my closet. Most of my daily outfits that I post on my Instagram are casual, laid back, wearable looks that I can put on at 7am and last until 8pm. Most of my outfit posts that you see on my blog are looks that I have time to put together.

  7. If you could wear one outfit everyday, what would it be?

    This one changes all the time, but I would have to say I am most comfortable in a Men’s Medium t-shirt, leggings/shorts, and sneakers/sandals. I love mixing an ordinary basic outfit with fun statement jewelry like a big necklace, multiple bracelet stack, and sunnies of course.

  8. What clothing or beauty item could you never live without?

    Clothing item, probably hats. Hats come in handy no matter what the season is and can add so much personality to a look. Beauty item I cannot live without would be my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I am not a huge makeup fan so this is a perfect quick product that I throw on and run out the door when I don’t have time for makeup.

  9. Do you have a must-wear accessory or go to staple that you include in every outfit?

    Yes! I have a few vintage & monogrammed necklaces that I wear almost every day. Some of them are new in the rotation and others have been passed down to me from family members. I am sucker for anything monogrammed. I also wear a ruby and diamond ring that my father gave to my mother 38 years ago when they first started dating that I wear everyday.

  10. How has blogging helped develop your styling skills?

    One of the best things about blogging is being involved in the blogging community. It is such an inspiring group of individuals doing their thing across the world. I get a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers. Street-style is so authentic & raw which is the best thing about individual style.

  11. What has blogging taught you?

    Blogging has taught me many things. You are literally putting yourself out there for the world to see, criticize, and comment on. That’s a very intimidating task. I feel like it has made my skin a little tougher, stretched my comfort zone further and helped encourage my self-confidence.

  12. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers?

    Have a goal and a purpose from the start. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of other people who are trying to do what you’re doing, but that’s the beauty of it. There is room for everyone in the fashion blogging world. That being said, you really should try to strive to be original and authentic in all that you do. Try not to compare what you’re doing to someone else. Comparison kills passion and without passion whatever you’re doing is essentially useless.