Blush and Blonde

by Jessie Langley

Blush and Blonde showcases the classic, preppy and always understated personal style of Jessie Langley. She hails from Georgia (a good ‘ole southern gal!), but currently resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband. Bubbly and eager, this full-time blogger confidently learns something from every move (good or bad) that she makes. Jessie adores pink, gushes over pearls, and her prefers her own take on style over others’ opinions, which we must admit - is oh-so-American-amazing. Sassy and fabulous, Jessie is the totally the next “It Girl”. See for yourself!

  1. We recently came across Blush and Blonde and fell in love. It’s so American, graced by an American beauty! Tell us a little about your blog and the concept behind it.

    Gosh now I’m literally blushing! Thanks y’all! I started Blush and Blonde as a way to express myself and have a space of my own, so to speak. As an Army wife, my time and decisions are never really my own… There’s very little that I get to control in terms of where I live and what I do professionally. My childhood dreams of moving to NYC to work in fashion were no longer realistic, so I had to make my own creative fashion outlet! It’s already been more rewarding than I could have imagined, it takes real entrepreneurial spirit and being able to directly see the fruits of your labor is immensely gratifying.

  2. How long have you been blogging for?

    Not long! I finally got the courage to start it at the end of 2013, although I’d been playing with the idea for quite a while.

  3. How did you know it was the right time to launch your blog? Did you just go with a gut instinct, or had you gathered a little experience through other creative outlets first?

    I just went for it and jumped in with both feet. It’’s very much been a learn-as-I-go process. No guts no glory!

  4. Where did you get the name “Blush and Blonde” from?

    I played around with name ideas for a while. I literally just wandered around the house saying random words that described me/my style aloud. Blush is my favorite color and my blonde hair is my trademark (which can be both good and bad!). I liked the alliteration of the two so I immediately checked to see if the domain name and social media handles were available. Luckily the name Blush and Blonde hadn’t been taken anywhere so I knew it was perfect! I’m the kind of person that just couldn’t stand to have different variations of it or random numbers added… I’m kind of OCD.

  5. How would you describe your personal style?

    There are a lot of words that I would use to describe my personal style… Classic, modest, preppy, generally understated. When I get dressed I like to feel ladylike. Despite what people say, you often DO judge a book by its cover. I would rather my cover read Gone With the Wind than Fifty Shades of Grey.

  6. Do you have a favorite brand?

    Just one? Oh gosh. Probably Lilly Pulitzer. The attention to detail never ceases to amaze me and I’ve never put on a Lilly that didn’t fit like a glove.

  7. "The advice I would give to a new fashion blogger is the same advice I would give to anyone - stop worrying about what you think people want to see."— Jessie Langley
  8. Where are you from originally? You’re in California now, do you find that being in California has influenced your personal style drastically from what it was?

    My family is originally from the South and when I was young I spent a lot of time in both California and Georgia. I went to college in the San Francisco Bay Area, but moved back to Georgia right after graduating. I think that wherever I am, my personal style stays the same. I know what I like and I know what I feel good in. Sometimes I stick out like a sore thumb here in California, but that’s ok by me because I feel confident in what I wear. I was working in the news for a while, and I remember one day I came into work and one of my coworkers bluntly announced that my outfit made me look like a Southern housewife. To this day I’m really not sure if that was meant as a compliment or an insult, but it’s fine by me either way! To me, it was a compliment.

  9. Do you blog full-time? If not, do you have any times on part-time blogging and time management?

    Yes, I blog full-time. I had no idea that it really was such a full-time pursuit before I began. On most days, I spend way longer than a 9 to 5 period on my blog. Between creating content, planning, managing social media, interacting with readers and working with or reaching out to brands, I’m swamped! Time management has definitely been a struggle. The solution for me has been to write everything down in a planner and prioritize. Never underestimate the power of a good list.

  10. How much time do you typically allot to complete a blog post? (From start to finish, including “thinking”, photography, editing, and content writing)

    The entire process of a single blog post usually takes a few days, sometimes longer. For me, it’s a little bit harder because my husband takes my pictures and his schedule is always changing. On average I’d say it takes 4 days. Planning and writing are the easiest for me, photography and editing are always time consuming. It’s always good to have some other ideas up your sleeve that don’t involve your own pictures or outfits. Sometimes I’ll do wish lists, collages, or good recipes.

  11. QUICK! Pink or red?

    Pink, duh! Is that even a question?!

  12. QUICK! Diamonds or pearls?

    Pearls! But I’ll never say no to diamonds either.

  13. QUICK! Large floral print or jumbo polkadot print?

    Oooh this one’s a little harder. Depends on my mood, but I’d probably be more likely to go with the floral.

  14. What’s one thing that blogging has taught you that you did not expect to learn?

    That I can do a lot! A blog is essentially a publication, and I’m the writer, editor, creative director, model, photographer, chef, and IT support all rolled into one. I didn’t know I could do any of those things, let alone all of them! It’s very motivational.

  15. Who takes your photographs for you? What camera do you use?

    My sweet husband takes my pictures! But bless his heart, he is a soldier and NOT a photographer! I always have this artistic vision in my head that he has a bit of a hard time translating. I love him to death for all the time and patience he’s spent helping me though. My next step is to reach out to some local photographers who might be willing to shoot with me in exchange for exposure on the blog. I have a Nikon D3200, which is a great DSLR for a decent price. I think that quality images are something that sets really good blogs apart, so a good camera is an important investment. I’ve learned that the secret is in the lens though! The quality of your image will often depend on whether or not you have the correct lens for what you’re shooting. I currently have the standard 18-55mm telephoto lens and a 50mm prime lens, which are great to start with. My next purchase will be the 135mm, which should produce better full-body fashion shots. I would advise other new bloggers to take some time to study and learn about photography, you’ll be glad you did!

  16. If you were to offer advice to an aspiring blogger that you wish you had received, what would it be?

    The advice I’d give to a new fashion blogger is the same advice I’d give to anyone: stop worrying about what you think people want to see. Stop worrying about what someone else says is “trendy.” You run your own blog… your style IS the “it” style here. The readers who like your style and are inspired by it will find you and they’ll be faithful readers as long as you stay true to what you actually believe.