By Lisa Linh

by Lisa Linh

She’s a blogger, photographer, and a stylist - just a few of the reasons why you need to keep Lisa Linh of By Lisa Linh on your radar. The self-proclaimed “hunter” (when asked if she considers herself a hunter or a gatherer) is always looking to network, collaborate and find what she needs. She loves purple, lipgloss, and her boyfriend - who takes some of the amazing photos seen on By Lisa Linh. Get to know this West Coast beauty with Blogspotter.

  1. Your blog is so interesting - it incorporates your personal style, photography skills and styling skills. When/why did you decide to launch By Lisa Linh - and at what point did “The BLOG” come into play?

    By Lisa Linh was officially launched on January 19, 2014. The website was created to showcase my photography and styling skills, while still presenting my own personal taste in fashion. When I initially started out in photography, I was interested in pursuing the event route and had my eye on being a wedding photographer. However, the wedding market is very saturated and of course, competitive. With the lack of time, as I work full-time, I couldn’t compare. I took a long hiatus from photography and during this time an idea sparked. Why not shoot for a reason? My friends often ask me for advice on what to wear to an event or for an occasion so I figured why not create a website that can provide them inspiration on putting together outfits? Incorporating my photography, I am able to visually assist anyone who is in need of outfit ideas. In addition, I purposely try to add diversity into the styling categories by including men, women and even children of all ages and sizes. The “models” you see on the website are friends, fashion bloggers and those who just have a genuine passion for fashion. No one is a real model or celebrity, they are just like you and I, which makes the website relatable. Of course after adding in the styling categories, I still wanted to showcase my own style so “The BLOG” was incorporated to allow those who are curious to see how I dress as well.

  2. Your logo is adorable. We’re gushing over the heart. And the script is perfect. Did you design it yourself?

    The logo was created by me however the script was one I downloaded randomly after a three month search for the perfect font. Who knew that finding a cursive font would be so hard! The heart is also a font that was found online.

  3. When you’re modeling, who takes your photos for you? You’re the perfect muse!

    Why thank you! My creative and very patient boyfriend is the guy behind the camera for my outfit of the days on “The BLOG”. I’ve actually learned most of my photography skills from him. But between you and I, I think I’m the better photographer – haha!

  4. If you had to define your personal style with 5 adjectives, what would they be?

    Comfortable, chic, versatile, innovative and classic.

  5. QUICK! What’s your favorite color?


  6. Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

    Hunter. I am always looking to network, collaborate and find what I need.

  7. "Never give up, never settle for less than what you deserve and be prepared to work your ass off."— Lisa Linh
  8. Let’s talk accessories. Is there one must-wear piece that you incorporate into every outfit?

    My Tiffany’s Infinity necklace that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas two years ago, he’d kill me if I didn’t. Just kidding! It’s an easy to wear item and goes with everything.

  9. Tell us a little about your personal style. Who are you inspired by?

    I’m inspired by Lucille Ball, my all-time idol. Her style was effortless, chic, classic and comfortable. I literally watch “I Love Lucy” every day and have the entire DVD collection of the show, along with her movies that she did with Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo) and her later shows, such as “The Lucy Show”. Yes, I’m obsessed! Lucy did not have to be revealing whatsoever to look gorgeous, which I love. She did not wear 5“ heels with her outfits, but kitten heels and flats, which is completely practical for women working 9 to 5 (like me). All her looks were amazing and so well put together!

  10. What’s your favorite pair of shoes in your closet?

    Hands down my combat boots! Whenever I have a photo shoot, I’m in them. Whenever I go to Disneyland, I’m in them. If I can incorporate them into an outfit, I will.

  11. What did you study as an undergrad? Do you find that you’re able to incorporate many of those skills maintaining, updating, and branding your blog?

    American Studies and if you’re wondering what that is, it is the study of American society through psychology, sociology and history. My emphasis was on pop culture, which is quite suiting for blogging as we’re consistently wanting to know what’s popular, new and trending. It also helps a lot with branding my blog as I understand the market and how to market a bit better.

  12. Daily beauty must-use: mascara or lipgloss?


  13. Twitter or Instagram?


  14. How does living in Los Angeles influence your style?

    How does it not? You will always discover a new art piece, food spot and see all sorts of crazy styles/people that will inspire you. You can visit the same place twice and still find something you did not see before. I love the L.A. culture, where else can you wear shorts nearly all year round?

  15. If you were to give an aspiring blogger some insight into the world of styling, photography, and blogging, what would it be?

    Never give up, never settle for less than what you deserve and be prepared to work your ass off because it is straight competition out there. There are bloggers everywhere and photographers pop up like weeds. Styling is even worse because you have to know someone to get your foot in the door or intern consistently. BUT, if you love it then it won’t be bad at all plus it will pay off. Don’t be scared to push boundaries and most of all, stay true to yourself.