Casual Glamorous

by Audrey Berkley

Los Angeles based fashion blogger Audrey Berkley is the long-haired beauty behind Casual Glamorous. The trendy site was started by Berkley in 2011. All photography is mastered by her adoring husband. Are you obsessed yet? If that wasn’t enough, the site’s Pinterest and Instagram pages are too perfect for words. Casual Glamorous is a combination of all things fashion, cooking, and inspiration.

  1. We love your blog. It’s so crisp and fresh. What made you decide to start blogging?

    I started my blog in 2011 as a way to channel my creative side and love for fashion. I loved reading fashion blogs and was inspired to start my own.

  2. Do you blog full-time?

    My full time job is now being a mommy to my 1 year old daughter. I love blogging and I try to post 3-4x a week. I would love for my blog to turn into an income producing job!

  3. What blogs do you look to for daily inspiration?

    I read A LOT of blogs so it’s really hard for me to pick a few. I really love street style blogs and of course Pinterest. Some of the street style blogs I like are The Sartorialist, and Carolines Mode.

  4. You used to live in New Jersey, and now you’re out on the west coast! Was the switch hard? Have you adjusted?

    I moved to LA in 2001 and the transition was VERY hard. I was so young and barely knew anyone out here. I still can’t believe I made such a huge (and far!) move at such a young age. I met my husband here and had my daughter here. I miss my family on the east coast so much, but my life is here now.

  5. "Good things come to those who wait."— Audrey Berkley
  6. Who takes your photos for you? Is there a place around town that you always shoot? If so, why that location?

    I take all food photos and my amazing husband takes all of my outfit photos. He’s so supportive of me and my blog. When it comes to the location for my photos, I love a good spray painted wall or an old warehouse for a back drop. I love Brooklyn and those types of backgrounds bring me back there.

  7. Quick question: what’s your favorite fabric?

    If I had to choose one fabric, I’d say silk. I’m a sucker for a great silk blouse!

  8. You also blog about cooking, and we must confess, some of your meals look amazing. Did you ever take cooking classes? How did you learn to cook?

    I NEVER took any cooking classes. My mom has always been a great cook and I learned a lot from her. Pinterest also is a source of inspiration for my recipes.

  9. Hair up or down?

    Down. Loose, beachy waves all the way!

  10. Favorite clothing designer? (Try! If you could only shop one brand… what would it be?)

    Oh my, this is a tough one! I’d have to go with Rag & Bone. I love a casual/chic/relaxed kind of look and their designs incorporate all of that. Plus, their boots are pretty amazing as well! I could wear head to toe Rag & Bone everyday and be perfectly happy!

  11. If you could only wear one outfit everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Skinny jeans, a slouchy v-neck tee, moto boots and a leather jacket. Oh, and a Chanel bag.

  12. What quote or mantra do you live by?

    Good things come to those who wait.