Chronicles of Frivolity

by Kristin and Katey

Katey and Kristin of Chronicles of Frivolity are two PR savvy students embarking on their blogging journey together. Kristin takes inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw, while Katey looks to Rachel Zoe, and their personal styles mesh perfectly. They believe that blogging as a team takes work and honesty, but they have pulled it off. Learn more about these stylish ladies and Chronicles of Frivolity with Blogspotter.

  1. What made you start Chronicles of Frivolity and how did you choose the name?

    We’ve both always been obsessed with both fashion and writing. We talked about starting the blog for a good three years before we actually went through with it. Katey had always hounded me about starting it soon, and then one day when I was studying for a Marketing test and was about to have a mental breakdown, I decided I needed a break from school and texted her saying it was time to brainstorm. The name kind of just came to me… we were throwing out suggestions to each other and it was the first one we had really strong feelings about. It’s the perfect description of what this blog is to us. We’re silly and lighthearted and just want to tell stories about our clothes. Our blog name isn’t serious, because we never take ourselves seriously.

  2. As best friends, do you feel that two heads are better than one when it comes to blogging?

    We think it’s the best way to keep our readers interested. Katey is the typical Texas girl – big hair, lots of lipstick, a fan of everything designer. Kristin has a more laidback style and is all about finding the best deals. Our readers can find inspiration from our blog no matter what their own personal style is. It also really helps when one of us goes M.I.A. for a week long vacation or stressful work project because there’s someone there to pick up the slack and make sure we’re posting regularly.

  3. How have your skills as PR majors played into your blog?

    In school I took an entire class over blogging for my major. Public relations is about knowing your audience and how to reach them most effectively, so instead of thinking to ourselves “what do we want to write about today?” we think “what do our readers want us to write about today?”

  4. How would you describe Chronicles of Frivolity, overall?

    Eccentric. We like mixing prints and colors right up to the point where we question if it even looks good together. We tell all of our weird personal stories just to make people laugh. We want our blog to be something people actually read and enjoy, not just something they skim for outfit pictures.

  5. Give us a brief description of each of your personal styles.

    Kristin likes to describe herself as Carrie Bradshaw meets Gwen Stefani. She is always trying to find the perfect mix of ultra girly but still edgy. And since she lives in Austin, there are definitely a lot of bohemian pieces thrown in as well. Katey says she is Rachel Zoe and Olivia Palermo’s love child. She loves a black base, with a girly pattern and plenty of accessories. And every outfit is all about the hair.

  6. "What has maintaining a blog taught each of you? It has definitely made us more entrepreneurial."— Kristin and Katey
  7. Do your writing and blogging styles differ at all?

    We’re both pretty sassy and like to write in a way that makes people laugh. Katey is definitely more of a natural in front of the camera – it took a few shoots before Kristin could even make a normal face for pictures, much less feel comfortable being the spotlight of 2 posts per week.

  8. Where are some of your favorite places to shop and why?

    In Austin I love fun boutiques like Adelante, Hemline, and Luxe Apothetique. It’s fun to find a place that has an eclectic mix of prices because I find the best outfits are always a high-low mix. As a former Nordstrom intern, the store is definitely my go-to for shoes, bags, and fun event outfits. In Dallas I love Milk and Honey Boutique and in Fort Worth I love Beehive. Both are wonderful stores for unique pieces that don’t cost more than $50. I believe in investing in my accessories, because my clothes are going to get ruined by margarita mix eventually.

  9. Do you each have a “style signature” of sorts?

    Katey never leaves the house in less than 5 bracelets, even if she’s going to the gym. Kristin doesn’t own any solids – she’s always mixing prints.

  10. What are your main sources of style inspiration?

    We love other blogs! That is the main reason we created ours. We get such great inspiration from seeing what regular girls wear everyday, and we wanted to be able to share ours with others and get more involved with the style conversation other bloggers are having. There’s nothing more fun than when we get to meet other bloggers and talk about shoes and lipstick for hours on end.

  11. What is the coolest thing to happen since the two of you started blogging?

    A lot of cool event opportunities have opened up to us. We like to be around fashion and other people that want to talk about fashion as much as possible. Our blog was featured in the Glitter Guide through one of the events we attended, which was definitely an awesome boost. And it’s always funny to run into someone that recognizes you through your blog. It happens at the worst times.

  12. What has maintaining a blog taught each of you?

    It’s definitely made us more entrepreneurial. After seeing how quickly we could reach success, it’s made us both strive to make the blog more of a full-time project. We have a few side projects we’ll be starting at the beginning of April under our blog that we’re really excited about.

  13. Do you recommend buddying up to start a blog?

    It’s like being a roommate with your best friend. About 2% of the population can do it without killing each other. Thankfully, we are the 2%. We have similar enough style (both in our clothing choices and writing) that it makes our blog cohesive no matter who is posting. We have also found our own little niches within the blog as well. For example, Katey handles social media and I handle logistics. Of course there’s some overlap in these areas, but it keeps us from butting heads. You also need to make sure you pair with someone you don’t mind calling out. I have to tell Katey at least once a month “stop posting giveaways so close to each other, you’re going to run out of money” and Katey has to remind me to stop frolicking on the beach because we have deadlines.