by Carsla Peyton

Connect-the-Cloths doesn’t look like every other fashion blog, and it isn’t. It is a more detailed look into the outfits and mind of Carsla Peyton, a writer and entrepreneur creating from Las Vegas. In her posts, she zeroes in on her outfits and each component that makes them special. Once you start scrolling, you won’t be able to stop. Delve deeper into Carsla’s thoughtful world, through Blogspotter.

  1. Connect-the-Cloths has a very interesting look and layout. What made you go so non-traditional as compared to other fashion blogs?

    For years I possessed the role of a ‘blog creep’, as I term it. I was a reblog addict on Tumblr & an obsessive liker on Bloglovin’ for years before I thought, “Why aren’t I doing this myself?”. From my observations of skimming through other blogs I adored, I came to the conclusion that no one really cared about the copy, visuals prevailed. So, when I started my blog I wanted to go for a layout that primarily showcased photography to reel readers in. Although, a great majority of my views are on the home page (where most of the photography is featured), I believe I am slowing gaining a following based on my writing alone.

  2. In your posts, you focus a lot on writing. Do you feel that writing is just as important as visual images in the fashion world?

    I am a writer at heart; thus, naturally, I utilize my blog to tell my fashion story. Whether through words or photographs, I feel as if it’s important to simply be relatable. A great majority of fashion bloggers I’ve come across seem to live by the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”; therefore, they may not feel a lot or any copy is necessary. For some, the mystery is part of their image. Yet, I desired to provide viewers with both since I always craved to ‘know’ my favorite bloggers beyond what I envisioned their lives to be via visual representations.

  3. How would you describe the personal style showcased on your blog?

    I have always naturally possessed a style that tends to fit into the ‘urban prep’ category. I’m sure it has a lot to do with being ethnic in suburbia. I loved drawing inspiration from my peers, but my emulation of their style seemed too tame for my taste. Therefore, I utilized fashion as a creative expression. I put my personal twist on trends with some unexpected, & often, controversial pieces. Once I attended university, I began to frown upon ‘trendy’ fashions (due to my limited budget) & go for more traditional pieces. With a bit of experimentation, I discovered an effortless personal style that worked for me on an everyday basis.

  4. You are a self-proclaimed ex-shopaholic. How do you mix and match the pieces you already own to come up with fabulous new outfits?

    I’ve always received amazed reactions from my peers in that I never literally wear the same thing twice. In my lifetime, I’ve subscribed to nearly every fashion publication, & Lucky’s ongoing feature of “One Item, Multiple Ways to Wear”, was always a source of inspiration. From my past shopaholic ways, I learned to stop buying so much junk that I liked at the moment & go for items I believed I absolutely could not live without. With age & maturity, I learned self control. My rule of thumb while shopping is to browse through every single piece featured in a retail shop before making an investment. In the end, the items in which I’m daydreaming of styling in multiple ways are the only ones that deserve a home in my closet.

  5. Connect-the-Cloths is fairly new and still “in development” but seems to be taking off. How difficult was it to get it up and running in the beginning?

    There were so many days I was discouraged because I received zero traffic for posts I spilled my heart & soul in to & I did not understand why. I truly considered myself to be technologically savvy until I began blogging, & I then realized what little knowledge I truly possessed. I still to this day know nothing about SEO, but when it comes to tags, I never hold back. If you view my Instagram, you will notice I am a “Hashtag Queen”. They are fun to me, to the point that my tags convey stories or even poems. I tend to get really crafty. All in all, YouTube was my savior. Many of my favorite mainstream bloggers have channels that I studied. And whenever they reached a follower milestone, they would often spill ‘secrets’ to their blogging success. One in particular mentioned something along the lines of having no traffic expectations for the first sixth months. Content should be the only focus during this trial period & that is a philosophy I live by to this day. My only goal right now is to discover an effortless blogging style & to provide viewers with quality content in every single post.

  6. "Find yourself, seek your passion, then exploit them both. Forget about the odds or perceived setbacks."— Carsla Peyton
  7. What has starting and maintaining a blog taught you so far?

    Surprisingly, blogging has been my greatest source of self discovery. I have learned to master balancing my logic and rationality with my states of emotion, which I never would’ve expected. Yes, my blog is a representation of my business, but one must be able to connect with people in order to expand. Blogging motivated me to let go of my procrastinating ways which I have found were rooted in a sense of self doubt. I try my best to be a realist & not sugarcoat the process. I am not afraid to share my downfalls and rejections as much as my triumphs and achievements.

  8. Why does it sometimes take more than one post to capture and explain the details of your outfits?

    As I storyteller, I believe I adopted the habit of two part series mostly due to ‘dramatics’. But I have found the first post is usually more personal & there is a greater focus on ‘deep’ creative writing, while the second part is lighthearted & has more of an emphasis on outfit details.

  9. What are some items in your wardrobe you could never live without?

    Anything that bears the name of Max Azria is prized. He is my favorite designer, & he has the greatest impact on my style philosophy. I appreciate the versatility of his empire from the more affordable BCBG Generation collection to the lavish Herve Leger collection. His work captures effortless style, not just fashions of the time. He is an appreciator of intricate details; every item tells a story. In my book, he is truly genius.

  10. You love to take plain pieces and style them with flashy accessories. Which do you think is more important, the clothing or the accessories?

    At this very moment, I am tempted to say accessories since I have been purchasing them more than clothing items lately. But, I truly believe they are compliments of each other. Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit. But, without the right garments, an ensemble will quickly fall to pieces. It’s all about balance. Since I’m building a collection of more traditional, classic threads, I utilize accessories to spice up my plain pieces a bit.

  11. What main message would you like to convey to your readers?

    Easy, two words: Be Yourself!

  12. How do you plan to keep growing and improving Connect-the-Cloths?

    With patience & consistency, I can’t even imagine where Connect-the-Cloths will take me. I’m excited to see what happens.

  13. Any advice for aspiring stylists, foodies, or writers?

    Find yourself, seek your passion, then exploit them both. Forget about the odds or perceived setbacks. Ignore sources of doubts, and just explore where this mindset can take you. To be quite honest, I’ve found the greatest battle of all is conquering impatience.