Couture Crush

by Rei Fujita

She may only be 18 years of age, but Rei Fujita of Couture Crush has the blogging skill of a seasoned pro. The Japanese native bounces back and forth from Tokyo to Hawaii (yes, we’re jealous) and is heavily inspired by both cultures. She cites Blair Waldorf as one of her major sources of style inspiration, adores Audrey Hepburn’s elegance, and swears by IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) as a must-use tool for newbie bloggers. Meet Ms. Fujita with Blogspotter today.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your blog, Couture Crush.

    My blog is a personal style blog that combines trends and influences from both western and asian culture. My main focus is fashion but I also do beauty trends, DIYs, and travel posts.

  2. When did you officially start blogging?

    I officially started blogging the Summer of 2013

  3. We’re so jealous you live in Hawaii! How does living in Hawaii influence your style?

    Living in Hawaii, the fashion community here is small, with the style being very casual and laid back, making it hard for me to dress up often. I always have a much more simple style while in Hawaii compared to when I’m back in Japan. It’s really cool to see the contrast.

  4. Did you formally study fashion as an undergrad? If not, do you find that you’re able to incorporate what you did study into your blog?

    I’m still in high school, so no I have not had any study experience in regards to fashion.

  5. What’s your main source of style inspiration?

    I’m obsessed with Blair Waldorf’s style from Gossip Girl. She has been my biggest style inspiration. Her and Japanese fashion magazines.

  6. How would you describe your personal style?

    A mix of preppy, feminine, and classic style.

  7. QUICK! Bikini or monokini?

    Bikini ! I’ve never tried a monokini… yet!

  8. "Blogging taught me a lot about patience. You can’t just suddenly start a blog and expect things to go well or followers to increase in a short amount of time."— Rei Fujita
  9. Do you have a favorite accessory? What is it?

    Handbags are my favorite accessory. I feel like you’re set for anything if you invest in one good handbag. It’s something you will use everyday and if you get a classic style, it’s timeless so you don’t have to worry about switching up handbags. It’ll always be in style!

  10. What about a favorite beauty product?

    Right now my favorite beauty product is Benefit’s They’re Real Push up liner! It makes it so so easy to make a perfect cat eye or clean line! Who ever invented it is a genius.

  11. You mention that you’re inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Blair Waldorf. What is it about each of those style icon that you love the most?

    I love Audrey Hepburn’s elegance. It’s amazing, she just has this natural beauty and glamour. I love that Grace Kelly’s style focuses on simplicity making it timeless and recreatable. She always looks so pulled together. Blair Waldorf is just amazing at pulling off outfits. She combines so many elements, patterns, and colors, some outfits you know you wouldn’t have thought about combining, but somehow she pulls it off.

  12. Are there any websites or online resources that you turn to for guidance with respect to blogging and maintaining your blog?

    IFB for sure! There’s so many articles that cover a large range of topics regarding tips on blogging, marketing, ideas, etc. If there’s a question about fashion blogging you will for sure find the answer on IFB.

  13. Who takes your photos for you, and what type of camera do you use?

    I switch back and forth between taking pictures on my own and having my best friend take it. I use the Leica M Series camera but when I take the pictures myself (using a stand) I use my Casio TR-350

  14. Does social media play a big part in your blogging process? Which social media sites do you feel are crucial?

    Social media for sure plays a large part ! It really helps in driving traffic to my blog. I mainly use Lookbook and Chictopia as well as Facebook, Bloglovin, and Instagram.

  15. What’s the most rewarding component of blogging?

    The most rewarding component is how much fun I have. It takes a lot of time and work but it’s fun to put a lot of effort into doing something you love. It’s a whole process from taking the pictures, thinking of the content, the editing, and then the satisfaction of finally publishing the post.

  16. What has blogging taught you that you did not expect to learn?

    Blogging taught me a lot about patience. You can’t just suddenly start a blog and expect things to go well or followers to increase in a short amount of time. You have to gradually keep working at it and making improvements everyday. At first I was really frustrated when pictures didn’t turn out right, or I couldn’t make the right words for what I wanted to say or if my visitor counts were down that month!

  17. Any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?

    Reach out to other bloggers and use as many resources as you can! Try to collect as many perspective as you can to figure out what direction you want to take your blog. It’s hard to start blogging when you’re not sure what you’re doing, so I find it best to gradually figure out what’s you and what you like so you can have a clear focus on working towards that goal.