Glam Latte

by Jamie Walsh

Glam Latte is a style/fashion blog curated by Jamie Walsh. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Jamie uses Glam Latte (“fashion inspiration from the city of angels”) to showcase her personal style and favorite trends. She loves the color blue, prefers leopard over zebra (print), opts for stripes over polkadots, takes her coffee with coconut milk and Stevia, and absolutely adores her blogger friends (they do brunch!). Meet Jamie of Glam Latte with Blogspotter below!

  1. Glam Latte sounds so delicious! We love the name, how did you come up with it?

    Coffee and Fashion are my two loves and long before blogging existed, I would curl up with a cup of coffee and read my favorite fashion magazines to get inspiration. My blog became a physical manifestation of that and so the name seemed fitting.

  2. When did you know you wanted to start blogging, and how long have you been blogging for?

    I started blogging in 2009 after a breakup. I realized I had lost a bit a bit of myself in the relationship and I wanted to start focusing on me. What did I want? What did I love? The blog was a great way to find my voice.

  3. You love coffee, so we must ask: how do you take it? Black, milk, cream, sugar?

    I always used to drink my coffee with half and half and Splenda, but I developed a lactose allergy and now I use almond or coconut milk and Stevia. I’m really health conscious!

  4. Do you have a favorite accessory in your wardrobe - something you try and incorporate into every outfit?

    I think an outfit isn’t an outfit without a handbag. I love a special handbag so that’s also the thing I splurge on.

  5. How do you network/make friends with other bloggers and brands?

    I have awesome blogger friends. I’ve met most of them at events, but in the beginning there weren’t many of those. When I started blogging there weren’t nearly as many bloggers as there are today and so I was very isolated. I would search for bloggers who were local and reach out to see if they wanted to have brunch. That’s how I met my blogger bestie.

  6. Your pictures are just fab! Who takes your photos for you - and what kind of camera do you use?

    Thanks! For many years my good friend Patti Anglin has taken my pictures. It was a great way for her to work on her photography and me to build my blog. Last December my boyfriend got me a Canon T3i so I could be a bit more independent. Patti still takes my pictures, but now my boyfriend does when she’s not available or if we’re traveling. I also have a tripod and a remote just in case.

  7. How do you get inspiration on a daily basis? Do you have any favorite blogs?

    Inspiration comes from everywhere, the weather, my mood, a new pair of shoes I want to style. I do have a few favorite blogs, like Le Catch and Because I’m Addicted, but if I’m being honest, I really don’t have time to look at them often. Blogging keeps me so busy, and I’m also in grad school getting my broadcast journalism degree.

  8. "Make sure you find what makes you unique. Why should people come to your blog everyday? I always ask myself, why you?"— Jamie Walsh
  9. How much time do you put into a blog post, from start to finish?

    Well it depends on the post, but I’d say about 4-5 hours.

  10. Let’s discuss social media. Do you find that it’s something that really impacts your viewership and fanbase?

    Yes, 100%. Social media is an extension of your blog and it’s also your marketing tool. It’s the best way to draw people into that days post if they weren’t otherwise planning on stopping by. I know for me, I could be having a super busy day, but if I see something that catches my eye, I will probably take the time to check it out. It’s also a way to connect with your readers directly.

  11. QUICK! Favorite color?


  12. QUICK! You only have time for one - manicure or pedicure?

    Mani. You can always throw on a close toed bootie, even in the summer with shorts.

  13. Do you have a favorite social media platform? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram - and why?

    Definitely Instagram. I am a really creative person and Instagram allows you to be creative, while still being social.

  14. Leopard print or zebra print?

    Leopard. Always and forever.

  15. Black and white stripes or polkadots?


  16. Where do you see Glam Latte in 5 years?

    I see it being much more video oriented. I want to take my love for fashion and blogging and turn it into a broadcasted experience. I am working on that slowly and creating content on Youtube while getting my degree in broadcast journalism. It’s all part of my master plan!

  17. What’s one thing that blogging has taught you that you didn’t expect to learn?

    I learned how to create HTML code. I am by no means a computer nerd, but when you are a blogger and you need to create something and don’t have several thousand dollars to pay someone, you have to figure it out yourself.

  18. If you were to offer a rising blogger one piece of advice, what would it be and why?

    Blogging isn’t going to make you rich. It’s like having a full time job that doesn’t pay. If you don’t love every second of it, if you don’t get some personal payoff from doing it, pour your energy into something else. Free clothes don’t pay the bills and making money at blogging means you need to have a following that takes YEARS to build. But if you already know you really want to do it, make sure you find what makes you unique. Why should people come to your blog everyday? I always ask myself, why you?