Golden White Décor

by Lauren and Marika

Upon visiting Golden White Décor, you will find yourself scrolling through photos of tastefully decorated rooms. Although “Décor” is visible in the title, the blog’s focus is not solely on interior design. The ladies behind the posts, Lauren and Marika, are multifaceted and have peppered in their distinctly Californian personal style. They frequently dabble in a color palette of neutrals, whites and golds. While those hue selections may seem on the safe side, their ensembles are impossible to ignore. With beachy blonde hair, expertly pieced together outfits, and unfaltering smiles, these self-proclaimed “Golden Girls” draw us in to their bright, sunny world. Once there we find dreamy indoor and outdoor scenes and envy inspiring fashion accompanied by thought provoking quotes. Visit the blog to explore for yourself and read on for our exclusive interview with the Golden Girls!

  1. Where did the idea for Golden White Décor come from?

    Golden White Décor stemmed from the desire to share fashion, decor, and words of inspiration with those around the world. The internet is the perfect way to share your creativity and influence others with positivity, anywhere they may be.

  2. What made you decide to combine interior design with personal style?

    M: The two worlds play off each other, keeping a classy and sophisticated style. We love the way we can incorporate beautiful interior design elements into the blog, it helps creates an overall aesthetic and lifestyle to our blog. M: We think of our blog as a look book that offers a happy California lifestyle. How we dress, our surroundings, as well as having a positive mindset… all manifests the sunny life we lead.

  3. What inspires your personal style?

    M: Our minds are always thinking and looking around at the world, at other individuals/bloggers, and at different design elements. We look internationally, as many trends begin in Europe, but we always stay true to ourselves and looks that we feel are the most “golden white”. L: I love European fashion, as well as the European lifestyle. Europeans take time to ENJOY life; we try to convey the beauty of life through our blog. Life is meant to be light, airy, whimsical, and full of glee.

  4. What inspires decor in your own homes?

    We love the relaxed California boho style, comfortable and chic, yet we also love the sophistication of European elegance. It is always fun to mix the two. Also, combining the old with the new is something we do as well… for instance finding an old chair and reupholstering it in a beautiful new fabric. There is richness in culture and history… combining elements from the past, and being influenced by different cultural trends brings forth the beauty of design.

  5. "We are continuously growing and creating, but if we can enhance other peoples lives, mindsets, and feelings after looking at the blog then we did our job."— Lauren and Marika
  6. Your hearts are obviously in California, but do you see a possibility of branching out?

    M: We are California girls, our hearts will always be here for the long term, but as we travel and are inspired by different areas we will definitely incorporate that into our blog! L: As Marika said, our hearts will always be in California… however, I LOVE Europe and would love to live in London for a while, or even Australia for a bit.

  7. Describe your perfect outfit, as well as your dream room.

    M: We are bias to the colors white and gold (hints the name of our blog). An all white outfit in a beach setting never gets old, but we also love to style outfits that incorporate color, texture and pattern too… the options are endless. L: Whites, creams, golds, and neutrals have always been my go to. Put me on a white sail boat in Tahiti, outside my white room in the tropics… or in an all white evening gown, in a palace of white and gold… from gypsy to princess… I love it all!

  8. Name some of your favorite places to shop.

    M: We love the small boutique shopping, vintage shops (for jewelry) and working with our favorite brands. L: Small boutiques and hole in the wall stores are the absolute best! You discover unique pieces, and the best brands for both fashion and home décor!

  9. Do you both collaborate on posts equally? Is one the fashion guru and one the interiors maven?

    M: We pretty much collaborate on everything and discuss ideas with each other, it’s all about teamwork although, Lauren is definitely the interior design expert of the two, but its fun to get inspired together or by each other too. L: It is such a blast working together! Marika and I have similar yet different style which keeps it fun, spontaneous, and creative! We inspire one another. For instance, I have more prep to my step, and Marika’s style offers a bit more sass. I love getting her input and collaborating ideas.

  10. What have you learned from your experiences with blogging?

    M: We want to inspire the world through our personal style and passion. We are continuously growing and creating, but if we can enhance other peoples lives, mindsets, and feelings after looking at the blog then we did our job. L: Styles, trends, fashion, and décor is ever changing. This parallels us as people: as experiencers we are continually learning, growing, and refashioning our being. We want to inspire people to grow not only through style, but through our positive messages. Blogging has allowed us to grow in learning how to do so!

  11. Any future plans you’d like to let us in on?

    M: Every week is something new, blogging is a type of outlet that is ”fashion now” so it’s constantly changing and there is always something new and exciting to offer our readers. We love giveaways with our favorite brands and I think these are exciting because they incorporate our fans! L: Marika and I have a plethora of plans for the future including: publishing a book, traveling, and much more! Keep following along to follow some exciting adventures that lie ahead!