Heels & ting.

by Noor

The face behind the scarf and shades, Noor of Heels & ting. is inspired by music and it shows. For her, an outfit that is floaty and soft comes only from listening to a sweet, mellow rhythm. Catch her decked out in leather, and she’s been tuning in to rock. Either way, her looks are effortlessly chic. Aside from fashion, she is a skincare fanatic and loves to showcase a bold lip. Get to know Noor. Her style is like that of the coolest girl you know, except cooler.

  1. Your personal style photographs are beautiful. Who takes them?

    Thank you, there are actually a few people who take my photos. It’s mainly my lovely friend Sheerin, but sometimes I’ll even have my niece Lilly take them. I also have some talented photographer friends, like my boy Ricky or my girl Raqeebah who have taken photos for the blog before.

  2. How do you decide on so many different locations and varying poses?

    Usually when I’m about to take photos, I have plans to hang out with friends or whatever after so on the drive to wherever I’m going, we just kinda check out the area and if we see a cool spot we pull over and shoot. As for poses, I just kind of stand there mostly haha.

  3. How would you describe your personal style?

    Minimal, and a little grungy. I also like to think it’s low-key Parisian chic.

  4. Do you find yourself gravitating more toward neutrals or bright, bold hues?

    Probably more toward neutrals. If I’m wearing color it’s usually very muted or a pastel shade.

  5. You are always photographed in sunglasses. Is that kind of your signature?

    I guess it kinda became my signature. I live in Florida, so when I’m being photographed it’s usually extremely sunny. It’s always sunny here, even when it’s raining.

  6. How do you decide on a corresponding song to go with all of your posts?

    Sometimes when we’re shooting, the location will make me think of a song. Other times it’s just a song I’m listening to on loop at that particular time.

  7. "In response to 'What has maintaining a blog taught you?' - That taking photos is really hard. And the sun sets way too early."— Noor
  8. You also do the occasional beauty-related post. Do you consider yourself somewhat of a beauty connoisseur as well?

    I think I’m more of a moisturizing connoisseur. I’m definitely into skincare more than cosmetics, but I do really love a good lipstick. I have an embarrassingly large lipstick collection.

  9. Who or what is your main source of style inspiration?

    I think it’s pretty apparent that music is a huge part of my life, and I think it subconsciously inspires my outfits. Like, if I’m listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees when I’m getting ready, you’ll probably catch me in a lot of leather with super strong brows and a red lip. Or if I’m listening to something more mellow like James Blake or Beach House I’ll probably put together more of a monochromatic look. I also really love Emmanuelle Alt’s style, she just always looks so effortless. And Yasmin Sewell is definitely another style inspirations.

  10. What made you start blogging to begin with?

    I’ve always been into fashion, and I started following a few fashion blogs when I was about 16 or 17. My sisters and friends would ask me all the time why I didn’t have a blog, and I didn’t really have an answer. Once I was done with undergrad I immediately started pursuing my masters degree, after a couple semesters I decided I needed a break to just relax and enjoy life and that’s when I started my blog.

  11. How long have you been blogging?

    Less than a year.

  12. How has blogging worked out for you so far? Was it a worthwhile endeavor?

    It’s actually really fun, so it’s definitely worthwhile. But shortly after I started my blog I got a job as a counselor, which kind of made blogging a little more difficult because I work five days a week, but whenever I think I have time to shoot a look I make it happen.

  13. How do you feel that your blog stands out from others?

    Well for starters, I wear a scarf, so that kind of sets me apart. Also, I incorporate music into all of my posts so it’s more of a combination of music and style rather than just the latter.

  14. What is the coolest thing to happen to you, or best feedback you’ve gotten since you started?

    A photographer named Langston Hues reached out to me last year to take my photo for a streetstyle book he’s putting together which was pretty cool. And my favorite menswear blog Four-Pins mentioned me as one of their 20 muses of 2013 which is probably the dopest thing that has ever happened to me.

  15. Are you interested in any other areas of fashion?

    Menswear. I love taking menswear pieces and making them more feminine.

  16. What has maintaining a blog taught you?

    That taking photos is really hard. And the sun sets way too early.