How Two Live

by Stef and Jess

Stef and Jess, the globe-trotting, platform-wearing, cafe-hopping sisters behind How Two Live hail from Australia, but know how to be fabulous anywhere. Double the outfits, travel spots, and fashionable adventures are packed into their blog. Each photo showcases the girls’ cheery and colorful yet inimitably chic style. These sisters prove that when it comes to living well, two heads are better than one.

  1. What made you start How Two Live?

    We wanted a way to keep in contact when Stef moved to Paris for six months. Who knew that a year and half later our little diary would be consuming our lives!

  2. Are two heads better than one when it comes to blogging?

    Definitely! We’ve recently discovered that if we get up at 6:30am and each do emails and admin for four hours, then we can be out and about by 10:30am and we’ve already pumped out an average person’s entire workday. Now we just have to work on getting up that early.

  3. How do you come up with creative ideas for your blog?

    It’s so great having someone to bounce your ideas off. Once in a while we’ll hold brainstorming sessions together in our home office, where we’ve created a beautiful white space with a giant glass board to write ideas on (with our pretty pink marker). Having a space that you feel relaxed and inspired in is key!

  4. What other blogs/websites/magazines do you read on a daily basis?

    Trashy mags are our weakness, we love reading a little celebrity gossip on Perez or TMZ. Stef is also weirdly obsessed with reading the news, and is always on current events websites like

  5. Name some of your style icons and tell us why they inspire you.

    Rainbow Brite is the coolest. She’s never afraid to rock the clashing colours, and is all about platform shoes. She’s also got the messy bun down pat. We also love Anna Dello Russo for similar reasons.

  6. "Bloggers often don't get enough credit for the work they put into what they do."— Stef and Jess
  7. Quick: What word defines each of your personal styles?

    Unpredictable. For both.

  8. Do either of you have a go-to brand or look that makes you feel the most you?

    Our Shakuhachi pieces probably take up half our wardrobe, and we keep going back for more because they always get it right and they’re so us.

  9. How do you go about finding such unique items worthy of sharing with your readers?

    We’re really lucky that we have a lot of people that contact us who make amazingly creative and quirky things, and when we find things we love we can’t wait to get sharing them. We’re currently working on a new cool way we can constantly be sharing these awesome finds.

  10. What clothing, beauty product or accessory could you never live without?

    Sunglasses! They’re great to hide behind when you’re tired or having an off day.

  11. How do you make your blog stand out?

    We try not to look too much at what other blogs are doing, and let ourselves be inspired by different things like the places we travel to and people we look up to.

  12. Has blogging boosted your general creativity?

    It hasn’t necessarily boosted it, but it’s definitely been a great outlet.

  13. What has launching, maintaining and revamping your blog taught you?

    That bloggers often don’t get enough credit for the work they put into what they do. Often it will be a little awkward when someone asks what we do, because when we tell them we’re bloggers they assume we’re just lazy people who do nothing with our lives.

  14. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers?

    Come up with a point of difference - for us, this is being sisters who are also best friends, and having pretty quirky style. And it’s an obvious point but get yourself out there on social media as much as you can, work out what your followers love looking at or hearing, and keep posting cool original content based on what you’re best at.