Just Peachy

by Rachel Regal

Rachel Regal of Just Peachy started by keeping a quote journal in the form of a blog. Instead of writing about how a quote inspires her, she now shows us her daily inspirations. From home decor to outfit choices to favorite products, Just Peachy is a peek into Rachel’s peachy Georgia life. Learn more about her and her blogging journey through her Blogspotter questionnaire.

  1. How long have you been blogging?

    I’ve been blogging since I was a Junior in college – so 4 years now! But I took a year off when I graduated so I consider it about 3 years total.

  2. Why did you start Just Peachy?

    I originally started Just Peachy as a quote journal where I would post a quote, then right a little paragraph about how it applied to my life. This blog exists no longer, but it was my entry into the blog world. When I saw how many other people were sharing their lives I thought – this is cool, I can do this too!

  3. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

    I’m from Georgia, so that makes me a Georgia Peach – hence the peachy. And I have a pretty optimistic outlook on life so everything is always “just peachy!”

  4. When you started Just Peachy, what did you have in mind? Has it stayed pretty true to that original idea?

    When I first started, I shared a whole lot more of my personal life and what I was doing every weekend. Since I was in college and in a sorority, I always had something going on. And when I started that’s what most blogs were about – just life and what was happening. Then when I graduated from college, I started working and didn’t have a lot of time to blog and I definitely wasn’t as social as I was in college so it kind of evolved into just fashion and what I like to shop for.

  5. Have you always been interested in clothing, shopping and styling?

    Always! When I was younger I would dress up my sister in different outfits and take pictures of her like mini photo shoots. But I was also a huge tomboy up until I moved to Georgia – as in only Nike, Adidas and sweatpants and tennis shoes to school. I was at the mall every weekend in middle school and was nominated for best dressed in high school! I also won a fashion marketing competition in high school and I minored in fashion merchandising in college. When I graduated, I went on to become the Marketing Manager for a popular chain of boutiques. So yes, my whole life has involved fashion!

  6. Would you like to explore any other aspects of the fashion industry?

    I’ve been in Fashion Marketing professionally and that’s a huge passion of mine, but I really want to be in styling. I want to be able to go out and shop for a client and be her fashion guardian angel! I love putting outfits together and giving advice for what to wear.

  7. "Make friends! Follow tons of people on Twitter and Instagram and talk to them!"— Rachel Regal
  8. How would you describe your personal style?

    Such a hard question! I don’t really have a name for it. It’s like preppy-hipster-chic. I like pieces that I can wear to all kinds of events and I’m also very casual. I don’t like stilettos but I love wedges and I love oversized tees and skinny jeans.

  9. Where are some of your favorite places to shop and why?

    J.Crew and Madewell hands down. I’d say 85% of my closet is from these 2 stores. Granted, I used to work at J.Crew so it holds a special place in my heart. Plus, J.Crew is my workday saving grace. I would wear plain black slacks and a white blouse to work every day if it weren’t for J.Crew. I love the easy, casual, tomboy-ish charm of Madewell and that’s my weekend wear.

  10. What are your favorite colors and patterns to wear?

    My favorite colors to wear are black, gray, blue, and coral. I have way too many striped shirts. I also love embroidered Aztec pieces – they’re my weakness!

  11. Which item(s) in your wardrobe could you never live without?

    Chambray shirt, striped tee, black skinnies, and my Tory Burch flats.

  12. How do you decide which outfits are post-worthy?

    If it’s something that I know others will wear, I’ll post it, especially if there’s something a little different about it like camo with hot pink and heels or florals with stripes. I tend to post only what I think is wearable for many people and with pieces that are easy to find or recreate.

  13. About how long does an average blog post take?

    An average blog post takes about an hour to take, but an outfit post will take much longer. Between getting ready, getting dressed, taking the photos, and writing about it I would say it takes about 3 hours! It’s definitely not a spur of the moment decision to take an outfit post.

  14. Do you take your own photos, or do you have help? What kind of camera do you recommend?

    I take my own photos with a DSLR, tripod, and remote. I wish I had someone to take all my photos! It’s especially embarrassing when someone walks up on you taking pictures of yourself… I recently upgraded from the Nikon D40 to the Canon Rebel T3i and I am obsessed. I definitely recommend the Canon!

  15. What main message would you like Just Peachy to convey to your readers?

    That clothes are fun, they show your personality, and you can look cute putting basics together in a fresh way! I want to my outfits to be wearable so that other readers can relate to me or get outfit ideas!

  16. Any advice for aspiring personal style bloggers?

    Just have fun with it. Don’t go into it with the goal of being “famous” or making money – then it will feel like a chore and you won’t make friends. That’s my second piece of advice – make friends! Follow tons of people on Twitter and Instagram and talk to them! I’ve made some of my best friends through blogging.