Let's Talk Twenties

by Stephanie Borak

Let’s Talk Twenties, a lifestyle blog for fabulous twenty-something gals is curated by Stephanie Borak. A New York City transplant by way of New Hampshire, she owns her city girl style and we can’t look away from her transformation. Her place in the fashion industry seems justified as she guides us through her life and wardrobe full of equal parts current and vintage. She hasn’t been an NYC resident for long, but she sure does fit in!

  1. Why did you want to target your blog toward twenty-somethings?

    Twenty-somethings are the perfect target for me because I am one! I want to help expose my readers beyond the other blogs that feature out-of-reach luxury items with world travels and super high-end products. I do feature expensive pieces every now and then (secret: most of them are second-hand!), and I love to post them with less expensive items in the same look; whether they be from Goodwill or Forever 21. It’s all about how you style things together. I hope that I’m able to show other twenty-somethings, and girls as young as my tween little sister to women my grandmother’s age, that they can still be fabulous- even on a budget.

  2. You blog about everything from food to fashion. Why did you want to cover so many topics?

    I chose to write a lifestyle blog rather than just a fashion blog because while fashion is a huge part of my life, I’m also a pretty crafty gal and I’ve found a passion for cooking too! I also wanted to share parts of my life with my readers as lessons or what to or not to do. I’ve learned so much living independently and making the decision to leave New Hampshire. From what I’ve heard, people are pretty interested in hearing all about my life from different aspects, so that’s what I try to give them!

  3. Which subject is your favorite to blog about?

    My favorite subject to blog about is definitely fashion. When I get ready in the morning, I always think about what will look best as an outfit inspiration post for LTT. Then being able to describe my thought process on how I chose what I’m wearing or where I got my inspiration from is really what makes my blog relatable.

  4. How would you describe your personal style?

    My personal style is different from day to day. When I go to work, I can be very professional in a pencil skirt. Outside of work, I love to go in my closet and pull a bunch of different things together; prints, patterns, jewelry, accessories. Sometimes I probably look ridiculous, but the best part about living in NYC is that no one cares how crazy you look!

  5. Do you find yourself gravitating more toward basics or trendy pieces?

    I can’t really say either. I like trendy styles, but I use them more for inspiration on how to dress myself. Trends come and go too quickly; I’d rather make my own trends for myself and tag “Trend Alert” on LTT. Who knows, maybe I’ll get enough of my followers to help make one of my trends popular!

  6. You grew up in a small town and moved to New York City. How has becoming a city girl changed your fashion choices?

    I have learned not to focus as much on how other people think I look, but rather on how I want my own personal style to be and what I feel good in. When I first moved here, you could find me decked out in Juicy tracksuits and Abercrombie. After a few months, I realized that I wanted to be less mainstream and started finding my own style.

  7. "Find what you’re passionate about and write about it - your passion will come through!"— Stephanie Borak
  8. Tell us about the experience of attending New York Fashion Week.

    New York Fashion Week is always so exciting. The feeling is similar to that of Christmas Eve; I get so excited to see what each show brings and more excited to see who they bring! I also love seeing what everyone wears to the shows- it’s almost as important as what’s actually on the runways.

  9. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

    My favorite places to shop have come to be thrift and vintage stores. If you ever told 17 year old Stephanie that when I was older I’d be shopping at second-hand stores, I’d never have believed it. It makes creating my own style much more individualistic because everything is pretty much one of a kind. Some of my favorites are Housing Works, Buffalo Exchange and Rabbits (Brooklyn).

  10. When you’re not blogging, what are some other things you love to do?

    When I’m not blogging, I love to cook and try new recipes. I’ve learned it’s best to take pictures of everything because you never know what you’ll be able to use in a blog post! I also love discovering new thrift stores around the city- not only for clothes, but for furniture, accessories, and even craft supplies. I once got an entire bag of buttons for only a dollar. Such a score!

  11. What made you start blogging in the beginning?

    My previous job consisted of about 30 girls working in a fashion office. We used to take lunches together every day just to chat and take a break from work. I always told them about the crafts I made the night before or this great new recipe I came up with. After months of telling me, they finally convinced me to start a blog. One thing lead to another, and I can’t thank them enough!

  12. What has maintaining a blog taught you?

    The most difficult part about maintaining a blog, in addition to having a full-time job, is that I always need to find time for it. Whether it means I get a little less sleep one night or need to stay in and have a glass of wine rather than go out with girlfriends, that’s what I’ll do. I think the most important part of having a blog is keeping up with it- no one wants to read a blog that’s only updated every so often.

  13. What is the coolest feedback you have gotten since you started?

    That’s a tough one. I would have to say hearing from all kinds of people that my blog is an everyday read for them is so cool. From women my mom’s age to my aunts and grandmother, and of course girl’s my own age, I’m so happy that I’m able to inspire such a wide range of women. There’s no better feeling!

  14. What main message would you like to convey to your readers?

    When I first started Let’s Talk Twenties, my main priority was to make every single person that read it feel like they’re fabulous. I talk about different ways to love themselves, healthy recipes, and fashion advice on how to wear different pieces in a unique way. My message to my wonderful readers is you are stinking fabulous- and don’t you forget it!

  15. Do you think you will continue to blog, even past your twenties?

    When I named my blog, Let’s Talk Twenties, I was looking for something that I could hopefully use for a few years. Since it’s become such a success, I’m so happy I named it what I did because when the time comes, I’m hoping to continue on with Let’s Talk Thirties! Stay tuned…

  16. Any advice for aspiring twenty-something bloggers?

    My advice to bloggers of any age is to stay true to yourself. I’ve heard from so many people that read LTT that they love it because they’re able to relate to it. Some bloggers write only about luxury items that not everyone can afford, and that’s their prerogative. I think people will continue to follow a blog like mine because it’s different than others that are out there. Find what you’re passionate about and write about it - your passion will come through!