Maggie Royce

by Maggie Royce

As one of Blogspotter’s youngest minds, Maggie Royce of Maggie Royce brings a unique perspective to the table. She aims to dress classier than other teens, turning to pieces that would ordinarily be considered “adult” and wearing them in her own fun way. She gravitates toward unexpected color combinations like pink and red and is not afraid to mix prints. She is similarly fearless when it comes to sharing her opinions. Maggie will tell it like it is, and she is #sorrynotsorry about it.

  1. At 13, you are our youngest blogger yet! Why do you think it is important to have young, fresh perspectives out there in the blogosphere?

    It is important to have such young perspectives because we are the growing age of fashion. Someday the fashion industry will be us teens, but grown up, so why not start now? Also, fashion needs to be able to have fun which is what us teenagers bring to the table.

  2. How long ago did you start your blog and why?

    I started officially blogging the summer of third grade after moving to NC. My dad is involved in the media world so he suggested I blog! Last year I “reset” my blog to make it less “tweenybopper” and have been on it ever since!

  3. You blog about personal style, beauty, and happenings in your daily life. Which of these is your favorite to post about?

    My favorite is when I mix my personal style with my daily life. When I put an outfit post I’ll relate it back to my life giving readers a chance to know me. I never want to be the girl who only posts outfit photos or only gives studying advice because why not have fun with trying everything?

  4. Your personal style is “preppy”. Give us more details about your wardrobe.

    I would say I am very “preppy” but I mainly focus on trying to dress “classier” than the average teen. Most girls my age love tightfitting skirts and crop tops whereas I gravitate towards twirly dresses and blazers. I love taking adult-esque pieces and sassing them up a bit to make them my own. My closet has a ton of fun different colored pants, statement necklaces and way too many stripes.

  5. Which item(s) in your closet could you never live without?

    I could never live without my fuchsia Tieks, my navy with white tipped blazer and my hairbows. My hair is short so my bows add a lot to my look! Tieks are SO comfy and add a huge pop of color to my outfits. The blazer dresses up my look and makes me feel so fabulous. I love having pieces that make you feel like a million bucks, which my blazer is one of them.

  6. Aside from blogging, what are some of your favorite things to do?

    I love baking, golfing and spend way too much time on Pinterest with my Mom. Cliché middleschool sleepovers with my best friends are one of my all-time loves, there’s something fun about getting n-o sleep. Also I love surfing, sailing and going to the beach in the warmer months.

  7. "In middle school, the thought of 'putting yourself out there' is unheard of. Blogging has taught me to have very thick skin."— Maggie Royce
  8. What has maintaining a blog taught you?

    Maintaining a blog has taught me that I have my own opinion and that it’s ok for me to say what I’d like. I’ve became so much more confident since restarting my blog and it shows. My blog has taught me networking skills which has helped me online and off! It has also taught me that I have to believe in myself and not to care what others think. In middle school, the thought of “putting yourself out there” is unheard of. Blogging has taught me to have very thick skin.

  9. You are an avid thrifter. What is the coolest bargain treasure that you’ve found?

    So far it has been my most recent thrift from a consignment store up in New England. My mom (partner in crime) found an amazing long sleeve Lilly Pulitzer tunic. It has pink and green scallops with giraffes, totally retro early Lilly! Not to mention it was $15, a total steal!

  10. Aside from navy and pink (love), what are your other go-to colors and patterns?

    I’ve fallen in love with the combination of pink & red. It looks so fun and bright, totally unexpected! Also I love grey and pink (I really love pink), it is a super transitional color scheme.

  11. How do you balance a busy lifestyle and blogging?

    I’ve been working on prioritizing things! Blogging comes second to school/life so my posts aren’t as frequent as I’d like. Instead of using one planner I use my school planner (given to me by my school) as well as a notebook filled with to-do lists. It’s crazy but somehow I somewhat manage!

  12. What trends are you excited to try this spring?

    I tend not to gravitate towards “trendy” overhyped pieces but I’d love the look of mixing patterns! It isn’t super “springy” or “trendy” but I love it. Pastels look adorable but aren’t flattering on me. I would wear them if they actually looked good!

  13. What is the most interesting thing to happen since you started blogging?

    Hands down, being invited to fashion week! I couldn’t attend since I recently had surgery along with school but oh my gosh how I wanted to go! It was unexplainably the best feeling ever to receive the email asking if I could go. Also I was featured in Girls Life Magazine a few years back which was surreal!

  14. What main message would you like to convey to your readers?

    You don’t have to pay a lot to look cute! I see girls flocking to the most expensive items because they’re more expensive but really, you don’t have to. While it is fun to splurge every once in a while, you don’t always have to.

  15. Any advice for aspiring teen bloggers?

    Stay a teen! There are way too many teens falling into posting about “coffee table books” and “eye creams” (no - but really they do) which can be fun, but teens have many years before they need to worry about that! If you’re a teen blogger, most likely other teens will be reading your blog and definitely don’t care about eye creams…