My Scuttle

by Holly Sweetman

Holly Sweetman hails from Nashville, Tennessee, where she runs her blog My Scuttle. She’s obsessed with glossy magazines (hello Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, and Lucky!) and admits that the feminine modest characteristics of southern style (hey, southern charmer…) has rubbed off on her. She’ll take faux pearl studs over jewel studs in a heartbeat and never leaves home without her red lipstick. Meet Holly of My Scuttle with Blogspotter below.

  1. The name My Scuttle is so cute! What does it mean?

    Thank you! I used to not think it was cute when I was teenager but now I love it. I wish the name had some really deep, hidden meaning but it doesn’t, I’m not that cool. My aunt always called me Scuttle since I was little and it just stuck. Most people think I’m named after the bird from little mermaid but I didn’t even know that was the birds name until I was in my teens, so there is no relation there. Still at the age of 25 I am known as Scuttle, not Holly, in family circles.

  2. Tell us about the blog. What made you start it, and how long have you been blogging for?

    Honestly, I kind of stumbled into my blog. I used to have an Etsy shop and I created the blog to help support and promote it. When I decided to close my shop, I didn’t know what to do with my blog because I really liked blogging. Going the fashion route was actually my husband’s idea. I have always loved fashion and personal style since I was old enough to dress myself but I didn’t know how to share that beyond just styling myself every day. So out of that desire to share my love of style and my love of blogging, My Scuttle the fashion blog was born. Now I blog about 80% about fashion, my first love, and then the remaining 20% is just my personal life and travels. I have been blogging for 2 years in March and I can’t imagine not doing it!

  3. You’re based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Does the south have a huge impact on your personal style?

    Hmmm, that’s a tricky question. I would love to say that the south hasn’t influenced my fashion but thats a lie. I have been born and raised in the south (Atlanta first, now Nashville) so I know that it has had to impact me some, but I am definitely do not have the stereotypical style that people think of when they think about the southern woman. Sure, I have cowboy boots and overalls but they aren’t my regular look - and they are never worn together! I don’t wear sun hats and tea-length dresses like the Hart of Dixie characters either. There is, though, a very feminine nature that many southern women possess. They tend to be a bit dressier in every day life and a bit more modest, I would say that side of the south has rubbed off on me.

  4. Jewel studs or faux pearls?

    Faux pearls for sure!

  5. QUICK! What one word defines your personal style?


  6. "The moment you start feeling down because you look at other blogs and compare yourself to them, stop looking at them."— Holly Sweetman
  7. Hair up or hair down?

    Hair down.

  8. What other blogs/websites/magazines do you read on a daily basis?

    I am an avid blog follower! There are so many great blogs that I love to follow and as much as I love fashion most of the blog I read are ironically food and décor blogs, some of my favorites are: French by Design, Thyme is Honey, Coco+Kelley and Amanda K. by the Bay. I do have two fashion bloggers that are my idols and I have a major blog crush on, they are Atlantic-Pacific and Cheetah is the New Black. There both just so chic and I love their blogs and style for very different reasons but they both inspire me so much. I am a magazine hoarder as well. I have a subscription to almost all of the top fashion magazine (Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Lucky). Its just one of my favorite down time activities. My husband plays video games, I read Vogue.

  9. How would you describe your personal style?

    I am a lot of Audrey Hepburn with just a dash of rock n’ roll thrown in. I am drawn to the very feminine pieces that consist of tailored feminine silhouettes, full skirts, cinched waists, big bows, glitter, midi/tea/mini length skirts – I love them all. I do have a streak in me that loves leather and fringe though, so I will pair a lot of leather studded vests or high-top sneakers with feminine pieces to bring more of an edge.

  10. How do you make your blog stand out?

    I am always true to my personal style and I am not willing to budge on that. My style is unique to me and that is what makes me stand out. It is an authenticity that you can’t fake. People who love to read blogs aren’t looking for anything that is showy or fake, they just want the truth from normal people like them, so that is what I do, but I deliver the truth all wrapped up in pink with a glittery bow on top because thats me. The more glitter the better!

  11. What has launching and maintaining your blog taught you? Have you had to overcome any obstacles?

    Hands down the biggest thing I have learned from launching my blog is that consistency is the greatest key to growing anything! Growth only comes through persistent maintenance. You can’t expect people to stay interested in what you are doing if you aren’t dependable. I have learned that that is so true in so many other areas of life. You can’t grow anything or have people trust in you if you can’t remain consistent.

  12. If you could have done anything differently since you began blogging: what would it be, and why?

    I would have immediately started blogging about fashion and never have done the Etsy shop. As well as I would have been consistent with my posting right off of the bat. Why? Because the Etsy shop was fun but fashion is my true calling. I would have been more consistent because it would have been a much better experience for my followers. I appreciate them so much and want them to always enjoy My Scuttle, so consist at the beginning would have been helpful.

  13. What clothing, beauty product or accessory could you never live without?

    Never leave home without red lipstick!

  14. If you could offer one piece of advice to aspiring bloggers, what would it be?

    The moment you start feeling down because you look at other blogs and compare yourself to them, stop looking at them! There are so many fabulous blogs out there but if you find that all you do is compare yourself to them and feel bad about yourself and your blog, stop yourself from reading them for a while and wait until your in a better place to follow along again. Your blog is meant to be something special and different from everyone else, so you can’t compare it to everyone else.