Peaches In A Pod

by Whitney Damrau and Blaire Bingham

Whitney Damrau and Blaire Bingham are the brains behind Peaches In A Pod, a Georgia-based fashion and style blog. They love peach cobbler (yum!), are close family friends (they’ve known each other for over 15 years), and are very thankful for what Instagram has done for their blog and their following. Meet Whitney and Blaire of Peaches In A Pod with Blogspotter today!

  1. How did you meet?

    Whitney grew up with Blaire’s husband and both families have been friends for many years. When Blaire started dating her husband we were always together. It’s crazy that we have known each other for more than 15 years!

  2. How long ago did you start Peaches In A Pod?

    Peaches In A Pod was started in January of 2014, so we are wee babes in the blog world.

  3. The name (Peaches In A Pod) is so cute! How did you come up with it?

    We have always shared a similar style, and we are always talking fashion, so we are definitely two peas in a pod in that aspect. We also knew that we wanted to incorporate the fact that we are from Georgia, so put those two together, and Peaches In A Pod was born.

  4. When you started Peaches In A Pod, what did you have in mind? Has it stayed pretty true to that original idea?

    We have always inspired each other when it comes to fashion, so we started this blog as a way to inspire other women, like us. We have definitely stuck to that ideal, and we hope to continue to inspire with our own fashion experiments.

  5. Your photos are so beautiful! Who takes your photos for you?

    Well thank you! We take our own pictures. We make it really fun by leaving the kids and husbands at home and go on outfit shoots. We change in the car in remote locations. Changing into skinny jeans behind a steering wheel gets us into fits of hysterics, and by the end there are hangers, shoes and accessories everywhere!

  6. How does living in Georgia influence your style?

    The weather in Georgia is constantly changing. It could be in the 40’s in the morning and above 70 by the afternoon, so we incorporate a lot of layers into our style.

  7. How do you balance family/work/life with blogging?

    We are still working on that! Thank goodness there are two of us!

    B: I work during the day when my kids are at school.

    W: I stay at home with my 2 year old and work from home, so juggling that plus the blog has it challenges. It’s amazing how much I can accomplish during nap time!

  8. "We didn't expect to make the friendships that we have made. We love getting to meet and interact with other bloggers."— Whitney Damrau and Blaire Bingham
  9. Aside from your own blog (we hope you are your biggest fan!), do you have a favorite blog?

    B: My blog inspiration is Sequins and Things. I just love her style!

    W: I’m loving Southern Curls and Pearls. Caitlin is fabulous and her style is so well put together!

  10. Where do you see yourself (with Peaches In A Pod) in a year?

    That’s a great question! We are planning on making the blog bigger and better by improving the site itself. We want to improve speed and functionality. Hopefully switching blog platforms will allow us to do that.

  11. QUICK: Peach cobbler or peach lemonade?

    B: Cobbler definitely!

    W: OMG both are in my top 5 favorite things! Cobbler!

  12. If you could only wear one outfit every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    B: Skinny jeans with a great jacket and statement booties.

    W: A fit and flare dress, cropped jacket and booties or wedges depending on the season. I am totally a dress girl!

  13. What camera do you use?

    Canon DSLR.

  14. How long, from start to finish, does it take to complete a blog post?

    From idea to publication, it takes about a week. We have several drafts in the works at all times.

  15. How has social media impacted your blog’s audience? Do you have a favorite platform?

    Social media has helped us grow our audience tremendously! Instagram is probably our favorite, but we also love interacting with brands on Twitter.

  16. What’s one thing that blogging has taught you that you did not expect to learn?

    We didn’t expect to make the friendships that we have made. We love getting to meet and interact with other bloggers. You would think as a blogger, that you sit in an office all day on a computer, but we are constantly in contact with other bloggers, and it has really been refreshing.

  17. What main message would you like to convey to your readers?

  18. Any advice or personal anecdotes for aspiring bloggers?

    Building a blog community has been the most helpful in getting our blog going. Joining surrounding blog societies and reaching out to other bloggers has not only built up an audience, but also made this process a lot of fun.