Pink Champagne

by Michelle

Michelle looks at the world through rose colored glasses. She strives to spread positive vibes through Pink Champagne. With her bright, preppy style, upbeat attitude and cheerful smile, she succeeds. Not to mention, she provides totally copy-worthy outfit ideas! Get a dose of inspiration and sunshine via Pink Champagne. Learn more about Michelle and her blogging journey with Blogspotter.

  1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

    I began blogging in 2010 as a creative spot to plan my wedding and share all of my favorite things. Fashion was always a focus, but it has certainly evolved a great deal over four years (time flies!) from the days of sharing centerpieces and gushing over bridal gowns.

  2. How did you come up with the name for your blog?

    Champagne is my drink of choice, even better when pink (my favorite color)! Life is better when decked out in pink and toasting with a glass of bubbly, no? Chin chin!

  3. Give us a brief description of your personal style.

    My style is classic and feminine, with a fun, glamorous twist! I adore bright colors, bows, and glitter. In two words: Kate Spade.

  4. Where are some of your favorite places to shop and why?

    Pink Bubbly, of course! The collection is curated solely by myself, so surely I am obsessed with everything from sparkly studs to statement necklaces to monogrammed pieces and beyond. Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, and J.Crew also make me weak in the knees… so much pretty in one place!

  5. What are some of your favorite colors and patterns to wear?

    Is this a trick question? Pink! Whether on my lips, my feet, or an article of clothing, pink is my first choice. I am also loving aqua at the moment, and navy is a classic that I will never tire of. As far as prints, I love polka dots and stripes, but my heart will always belong to Lilly prints (all of them).

  6. Are you more inspired by street style or runway fashion, or does your inspiration come from somewhere altogether different?

    Is it cheating to say both? Come fashion week, I am glued to my laptop streaming the shows to get a glimpse of fashions to come. At the same time, the streets (and blogs) are daily dose of trends coming to life each day. Inspiration is everywhere!

  7. "It may sound cliché, but BE YOURSELF! With so many blogs today, the only way to be unique is to let your personality shine through."— Michelle
  8. Why did you want to share your style with the world?

    I find myself gravitating more and more to personal style blogs because everyone’s style is so unique! I love finding inspiration in other girls’ closets and sharing the pieces of my own that I am loving at the moment. Shopping has become so collaborative through blogs and social platforms; it’s like shopping with hundreds of your closest (internet) friends!

  9. Does social media play a big part in your blogging process?

    Being a social butterfly, I LOVE social media. (My husband will attest that I am Instagram-obsessed.) I most definitely use all social channels to share my posts, but I also love social media as a medium to connect directly with other bloggers and brands. It is also the perfect way to stay up to date in the blog world while on the go.

  10. What has starting and maintaining a blog taught you?

    Blogging has taught me more about branding than I ever could have imagined. When building a personal brand, you truly live and breathe the blog. I hope that Pink Champagne has conveyed my true self to my readers.

  11. If you could start your blogging journey all over again, would you change anything?

    My blog has evolved immensely since it began, and I have loved watching it grow and change with me. The only thing I would change? I would have started sharing outfits and photos of myself much sooner! A strange fear of internet stalkers stopped me from opening up and sharing personal details for far too long.

  12. How do you decide which outfits are post-worthy?

    I think of outfits that I would like to post before I even have an occasion to wear them… is this crazy? I am constantly creating outfits in my mind, and when inspiration strikes it’s time to grab the camera and strike a pose!

  13. Do you take your own pictures or do you have help? What kind of camera do you recommend?

    My husband is the man behind the lens. We first started shooting with my iPhone (shhhh!), but we have since updated to a Nikon Coolpix L320. He is learning with me as we go along, but it is so much fun to shoot with someone that I am so comfortable with. I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband who plays along with my vision and has fun doing it. It also makes for some amazing bloopers!

  14. What is the coolest thing that’s happened since you started?

    The friendships that I have made through blogging are by far my favorite part. Meeting girls that I have connected with is always such a treat… everyone is even sweeter and prettier in real life, if that’s possible! I’m always so excited for any event that blogging has opened the door to. I recently attended Charleston Fashion Week, which was a dream come true! Next on my list: New York.

  15. What main message would you like to convey through Pink Champagne?

    I view the world through rose colored sunnies, and I like to think that Pink Champagne sends a positive message. By seeing the beauty around me and sharing what makes me happy, I hope to brighten my readers’ days and inspire them.

  16. Any advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?

    It may sound cliché, but BE YOURSELF! With so many blogs today, the only way to be unique is to let your personality shine through. Everyone has their own special style and message, so start sharing ladies!