Polish and Pout

by Jessica Palmer

Polish and Pout is a beauty blog curated by golden girl and self-proclaimed false eyelash junkie Jessica Palmer. The Sacramento, California based blogger knows a thing or two about beauty. During the day, she is a full-time makeup artist, catering to the needs of blushing brides up and down the West Coast. Jessica uses Polish and Pout to educate her readers and clients through the use of how-tos and step-by-step beauty tutorials. Oh, and she also throws the occasional top-secret-makeup-artist-trick up there… every once in a while. Trust us: it’s all the more reason to make Polish and Pout a daily tune-in.

  1. What inspired you to start Polish and Pout?

    Being a makeup artist, sharing beauty tips is part of what I do already. I worked behind the makeup counter for a number of years and was so used to educating people on products and sharing techniques. I also love writing and social media, so once I started my own artistry business, I decided it made sense to start a blog so I could have a way to connect with my friends and clients about beauty. I’m so very glad I did! P&P quickly took on a life of its own and became my business name as well!

  2. Why do you think it is important to share your beauty adventures with the world?

    I believe that we all have a story to tell, mine just happens to include lots of lipstick! It is my goal that by sharing my beauty adventures, people would be inspired while gaining beauty knowledge. Makeup isn’t just makeup. The right lipstick can be courage, the perfect foundation can bring healing, and a great nail polish can be joy. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I can’t help but tell my story and the stories of the amazing people I meet. I like to say that I’m telling stories through makeup and imparting confidence along the way.

  3. What is one of the most useful skills you learned as a makeup artist?

    Oddly enough, I’d say communication! Makeup is a very personal thing. Everyone is used to seeing their face a certain way and it’s important to understand a persons lifestyle, tastes, and comfort levels before applying makeup. Also, having a completely bare face while face to face with another woman is incredibly vulnerable. So learning how to ask the right questions, and earn someone’s trust in a short amount of time is the most valuable tool in a makeup artist’s kit!

  4. How do you decide which looks to feature on your blog?

    For the most part it is determined by either the questions I’m being asked frequently, or what’s on my radar trend wise. If I find that my clients are asking for a specific look or technique that’s usually a cue that others are probably wanting the same info.

  5. Name a few makeup artists whose work you admire.

    I really look up to Pati Dubroff. She doesn’t over complicate things and always let’s the persons natural beauty shine through. She’s behind the red carpet looks of celebs like Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron. Pati is the epitome of zen and is very present in the moment. Meeting her and hearing her share her story is one of my favorite moments as an artist. I also love celebrity artist Lisa Eldridge. I’ve never met her before, but I am a huge fan of her YouTube channel.

  6. Do you find yourself gravitating to certain looks, shades, or brands over and over?

    I like to call myself a recovering brand snob. I started in the industry working for a luxury cosmetic line, so for many years I stuck to high-end designer makeup. I really love Dior, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown. The longer I’ve been an artist though, the more I realize that every line has something wonderful and something terrible. It’s just a matter of trying things out. Not everyone wants to spend $40 on a lipstick and that’s ok! There are some awesome drug store products that I swear by and I love bargain hunting. The majority of my clients are brides, so a subtle brown smokey eye and loads of individual lashes is definitely one of my go-to looks. For myself though, I’m a bold lip lover for sure! Give me red lipstick and I feel powerful enough to rule the world!

  7. "If you want to blog, then just freaking go for it! Don't wait until you have everything figured out to start."— Jessica Palmer
  8. When you shop for makeup, do you start with products in mind, or do you buy things on a whim?

    When shopping for my kit, I’m very specific and calculated. But for myself (or my blog) I like to wander around and buy what jumps out at me! Even if I’m just running to the store for toilet paper and bananas, a few beauty products end up in my cart. I clearly cannot be trusted to grocery shop alone.

  9. Is there a beauty step that you feel should never be skipped?

    SPF! Is everyone sick of hearing that yet? Good! It should be like brushing your teeth. You only have one face and taking care of your skin is so important. Your makeup is only as good as your skin underneath.

  10. Do you prefer easygoing, uncomplicated looks, or are you more artsy with your makeup?

    I definitely have gone through phases. There was a 3 year period where I rocked a Kardashian level smokey eye EVERY SINGLE DAY. Calm down Jess, right? Now I like to keep my routine under 7 minutes. I only pull out all the stops for special occasions. Daily I like to make sure my complexion is on point, my brows are sculpted, and my lashes are full. Toss in a lipstick and it looks like you tried (but you really didn’t!). I love crazy cool colors and techniques and enjoy the times I use them on myself or clients…but I think for most situations, you should want the people that see you to say “You look lovely!” Not, “Your makeup looks cool!” Both are compliments, but only one is really about you.

  11. What beauty product could you never live without?

    I’m pretty fanatical about false lashes. I wasn’t born with good ones, so I rarely go a day without them. And lashes can take an everyday look to camera ready fancy in a heartbeat!

  12. What measures do you take to make sure your blog stands out?

    I take a more personal approach… even my logo is my handwriting captured digitally. I prefer to write like I talk. And I love sharing about the places I visit and the pro events and photoshoots I do. It’s not just tutorials, it’s not just product reviews, and it’s not just lifestyle info, it’s all of the above! Spending time on my blog should feel like you just had coffee with a good friend. I think my personal approach makes it unique.

  13. Has blogging boosted your general creativity when it comes to daily makeup?

    Blogging is definitely one of the ways I keep the creative waters flowing. But more so, I would say that blogging has caused me to stop and think of the how and why behind my creativity. The more I understand what I’m doing, the better I am at educating others. And it keeps me on my toes when it comes to doing others makeup.

  14. What has launching and maintaining your blog taught you?

    It’s been a great lesson in follow through. It’s fun for sure, but it is definitely work. You have to be consistent and confident about the information you’re sharing. I’m constantly challenged to up my game and keep my edge professionally. The industry is literally changing daily, and blogging is a regular pulse check on what’s hot and whether I’m moving forward artistically.

  15. What advice do you have for aspiring beauty bloggers?

    If you want to blog, then just freaking go for it! Don’t wait until you have everything figured out to start. Don’t let your insecurity or the uncertainty of how your friends and family will react keep you from starting. The time lost while you deliberate or wait for some magical ideal phase in your life to start will be just that: time lost.