Scene of Changery

by Amber Kekich

Los Angeles based blogger Amber Kekich spends her days working in the downtown art district of the iconic California city. How cool is she? This LA fashionista operates the fashion blog Scene of Changery. Along with blogging her heart out, Kekich designs a gorgeous women’s contemporary line. Amber’s glamorous personality is fitting for a cultured LA woman who loves exploring Tumblr and reading the latest news. Her gorgeous long hair is featured alongside some fabulous, unique outfits on Scene of Changery.

  1. Why did you start Scene of Changery?

    I always blogged, and as printing photos became more difficult I decided to keep an “online photo album” of my outfits, that way my grandchildren can see what I used to be like.

  2. We’re curious to know more about a day in the life of Amber Kekich. From start to finish, what is your typical day like?

    I live in Venice and work downtown LA in the arts district, I wake up, drive to work, get an iced vanilla latte (easy vanilla) and work until about 8, everyday is something new! I love wining and dining that’s going out for me, so I usually talk my boyfriend into going somewhere nice and eating and drinking until the place shuts down and head home to do it all again tomorrow.

  3. Tell us a little bit about your clothing line. Which came first, your brand, or your blog?

    AGAIN is my baby. It is a women’s contemporary line out of Los Angeles. We have a small team here and produce everything in LA. Its inspired by vintage, and modernized for women now days. I’d like to say it’s a cooler look to dressing nice. I actually had my blog first!

  4. "People are inspired by what you are really working on and how you are changing the world, not just capturing it."— Amber Kekich
  5. How do you get inspiration for your blog?

    I don’t really. I share what I am wearing, what I like, things I find and a lot about the brand!

  6. What other blogs/websites do you read on a daily basis?

    Lately I am reading news. I never really did that before because it was so negative, I look at tumblr a lot looking at design, and a lot of interior photos, its nice to look at something else inspirational other then clothes and the blogger world has gotten so crazy I can’t keep up, Instagram has changed everything because that’s like everyone’s little blog.

  7. Has blogging changed your outlook on fashion and personal style?

    It has a bit… Fashion in general is bit bogged down by all of the influencers now. An icon doesn’t seem as sacred as they used to be, seems like now anyone can be an icon. As for it changing my personal style I don’t think so, my style changes with the practicalities of my life.

  8. How would you describe your personal style?

    I think my personal style is glamorous at heart, but functional at the moment.

  9. Fun question: what’s your favorite color?

    Shiny white

  10. What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers?

    To be different and keep working! People are inspired by what you are really working on and how you are changing the world, not just capturing it.