Sugar Love Chic

by Krista Perez

Krista Perez of Sugar Love Chic is a writing and coffee connoisseur, but also has an eye for style. She proves it in her well-dressed posts with effortless color blocking and pattern mixing. Lucky for readers, she also shares her sweeter than sugar DIY ideas. Be prepared to want to dress and cook better. Let Krista show you how!

  1. Sugar Love Chic is oozing with life, color, and energy! Tell us about how you got started.Like many bloggers, the start of my blog began with a need for a creative outlet.

    The inspiration I was able to share with others and receive back from fellow bloggers fueled the continuation of Sugar Love Chic.

  2. Where did the name come from?

    Pretty simple. “Sugar” came from the homemade recipes I share. “Love” came from how I feel about blogging. And “Chic” came from the style posts I share.

  3. How long have you been blogging for?

    I’ve been the voice behind Sugar Love Chic for roughly a year and a half.

  4. You love coffee! How do you take it? Black, milk, sugar…

    My favorite style of coffee is a latte. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mexican Mocha… if it’s a latte, I’ll drink it!

  5. You don’t only blog about style, but you blog about sweet treats (like those divine looking lemon donuts with raspberry icing) and beauty. What’s your favorite category to blog under - and why?

    While creating and sharing recipes is so fun, putting together outfits (including beauty finds) is often more rewarding. I love hearing that my readers were inspired to recreate the outfit, especially if they tell me that means getting out of their comfort zone.

  6. You’re a total pro when it comes to taking photographs on a stark white background. What’s your secret - how do you get the perfect lighting (equipment?) and what camera do you use?

    It takes lots of patience and time. I really depend on natural lighting and have even decided what time of the day is the best to shoot, which I think is a couple hours before sunset. Also, when shooting food, I remember most times that less is more. I use a Canon Rebel.

  7. "Be true to who you are, it never goes out of style. Get involved with the blogging community. Never be 'too big' to reply to readers' comments. Have fun!"— Krista Perez
  8. You hail from Miami, Florida (we’re jealous, it’s freezing in NYC!). How does South Florida culture inspire your personal style (and your cooking!)?

    Living in Miami is probably one of the aspects of my life that plays the biggest role in my styling. My style revolves around pops of color just like my city. I also focus on wardrobe pieces that work in warm climates, but remain classy and effortless. Because of that, it’s also really important to me to blog style posts that can also work in cooler climates, so I try and cerate outfits that can be layered. While I love my Hispanic and Caribbean food, which is the majority of what you’ll find in Miami, I don’t blog many recipes that stem from those types of cuisine. I just may start doing that more often!

  9. Glitter or confetti?

    Confetti means PAR-TAY.

  10. Pineapple or coconut?

    Pina Colada. So, both!

  11. Your Instagram screams “follow me”. Aside from your insta-perfect photos, how do you manage to keep a loyal following?

    One thing I have realized is that an Instagram account can be dedicated to a blog, but followers take interest and enjoy seeing snippets of the blogger’s life. Love, family, pets, delicious brunch outings. It’s important to share those pictures of your everyday life with your followers, it creates a great connection!

  12. Who takes your personal style photos for you?

    When my fiancé is in town, he travels a lot as a pro baseball player, then he takes on that cherished role ha! (He actually does love it.) When he isn’t, my wonderful and creative mom helps me get the perfect shot. I’m a lucky gal.

  13. Do you blog full-time, or part-time? If you blog part-time, what do you do to manage/balance your week schedule? Any time management tips?

    I probably blog a little more than part-time, a little less than full-time. It really depends on my current life schedule, but planning posts a week or two in advance always helps. It can get really busy and a little stressful, especially when having deadlines while working with brands and boutiques, but the most important thing I’ve learned is too never stop being present in real-life due to your blogger-life.

  14. In your experience, what’s been the biggest perk about operating and writing for your own blog thus far?

    The people you inspire/ are inspired by and the connections you make.

  15. QUICK! What’s your go-to everyday must-use beauty product?

    Lorax Multi-Plex 3D Lashes. Google it, then buy it!

  16. If you were to give a few words of advice to a newbie blogger, what would they be?

    Be true to who you are, it never goes out of style. Get involved with the blogging community. Never be “too big” to reply to readers’ comments. Have fun!