The Haute Heel

by Andrea Cheong

Uprooting her life from London to Singapore has brought a lot of change in fashion inspiration for blogger Andrea Cheong. The Haute Heel is a three year-old fashion blog filled with London inspiration, Singapore scenery, and fascinating stories from the life of this gorgeous, dark-haired fashion blogger. Blogspotter is obsessed with the way Cheong pairs clothing and accessories. Also, how gorgeous are her Singapore-based pictures? We want to visit. Check out Blogspotter’s conversation with Andrea of The Haute Heel.

  1. How did you break into blogging?

    I started like most fashion bloggers, as a follower of some really great blogs and it transitioned into a desire for a creative outlet. I studied History of Art which is really theoretical, so I wanted to do something practical like styling.

  2. How long have you been blogging for?

    The Haute Heel is three years old, I started it during my first summer of university.

  3. Do you blog full-time, or is it just a hobby right now?

    It’s a hobby that I really enjoy. I try to prioritize it whenever I have the free time but I have a full time job now that I have graduated.

  4. You’ve switched up your style quite a bit. What was the reason for the shift?

    Part of it came with a huge lifestyle change. Moving to Singapore from London meant a lot of alterations to my style and wardrobe. I started with purging colour from my new purchases, everything was white, black, grey or red. Now I am more settled in my new city I feel as if a return to colour is due.

  5. "I have always told my friends, if you are going to start, don’t give up after two months."— Andrea Cheong
  6. We all know the saying: a photo speaks a thousand words. What’s the key to taking a good photo?

    I take photos as part of my job now, so I always say great lighting and knowing how to smile. A lot of people find smiling really awkward (me in particular) because I had monstrous teeth and braces as a child. My friends always tease me because I look really serious in my blog photos.

  7. Does living in London (a fashion mecca!) have a huge impact on your personal style?

    I was in London for eighteen years and it definitely did. Even the type of designers I was drawn to influenced my style. I loved layers, nudes, sparkly and sheer things as well as very classic cuts. London has a great sense of individualism and the best shopping ever, so I was never really hesitant to try out new combinations or looks.

  8. What are a few of your favorite blogs? Where do you look for inspiration?

    I am totally in love with Jessica Stein of Tuula’s style. I am addicted to Instagram for my fashion inspiration, it has a great sense of real- time and really represents the zeitgeist of youth.

  9. Nail polish: what is your safety it-always-works color? (Brand? Color name?)

    Deborah Lippmann has really beautiful and unique colours but right now I am all about the nudes. Their shade ‘Naked’ is my staple favourite. As for manicures, soft gel is the only way to go. I love a good French manicure so for DIY, Incoco do the best nail foils that last for two weeks and actually strengthened my nails.

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Living in another city, reunited with my dog Gatsby, and my boyfriend.

  11. If your best friend was about to start her own fashion blog, what would be one piece of must-have advice you’d give her?

    I have always told my friends, if you are going to start, don’t give up after two months.