The Marcy Stop

by Lauren Gould

The Marcy Stop, a fitting name enthused by blogger Lauren Gould’s local subway stop Marcy Avenue on the JMZ line, is a Brooklyn-based blog that highlights Lauren’s chic urban New York style. She’s a “sucker for different cuts and fun detail” and is obsessed with a few of this seasons hot trends: fringe, full skirts, and sheer paneling. The Marcy Stop oozes New York — leaving very little not to absolutely love. Plus, Lauren’s a stunning brunette who assuredly turns heads all around the Big Apple. Take a look for yourself — but before you do, see what she has to say about blogging, style, school, work, and inspiration.

  1. Tell us about the name of your blog, The Marcy Stop. Where did it come from?

    The Marcy Stop is a reference to my subway stop in Brooklyn: Marcy Ave. It’s the first stop out on the JMZ train, and one of the main entry points into South Williamsburg. Conceptually, I always wanted the blog to be very neighborhood-centric, and I knew it was important for the name to represent that. A few martinis later with my close friend Micol, one of the original co-founders of the blog, and the name became final.

  2. How long have you been blogging for?

    I’ve been blogging for a little over two years now. Crazy how time flies!

  3. What was it that really made you want begin blogging?

    It was really Micol, my former blogging partner-in-crime, who pushed me to start the blog. She was looking for an outlet to practice her photography and I was looking for a creative side-project, so it wasn’t hard for her to convince me to join forces and collaborate. Since then it’s quickly become a passion project of my own.

  4. Did you study fashion and/or style as an undergraduate? If not, how did you learn the ins-and-outs of the industry?

    I went to school at NYU and studied Graphic Communications as an undergrad (a mix of PR, Graphic Design and Advertising/Media), so academically I was definitely on this route. However, the eclectic assortment of internships I took part in and the jobs that followed, were what truly influenced my views on fashion. One of my first internships was working as an assistant to fashion writer Karen Robinovitz, followed by stints at companies like YSL, Gucci, Harrison and Shriftman, and FOX. When I finally graduated, I wound up working at a celebrity magazine for a few months, spent a few years in fashion public relations, then took on a freelance gig as a fashion editor at Rizzoli. I’m currently a design director at the Brooklyn-based creative agency, HOWL Group, where I work with a variety of fashion and lifestyle clients. Needless to say, I’ve had a wide range of experiences in fashion, and the opportunity to view the industry from so many angles has given me a truly unique perspective.

  5. "If you're passionate about your blog and your style, your readers will be able to tell, and you'll develop a following over time."— Lauren Gould
  6. How would you describe your personal style?

    My personal style really depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s boho and eclectic. Other times it’s modern and clean. However, I’m obsessed with vintage and thrift store shopping, so regardless of my mood, it’s always about mixing in those one-of-a-kind finds with more classic, tailored, or high-end pieces. And ultimately, it’s all about comfort and feeling great in what I’m wearing.

  7. What other blogs/websites do you follow for inspiration?

    A few of my favorite blogs/sites at the moment are: Le 21eme, Lellavictoria, Purse ‘N Boots, and A Pretty Pass, but I’m always on the search for new blogs and inspiration! When it comes to more mainstream coverage I love Refinery 29 because they really dive into everything from fashion and beauty, to entertaining and décor. Instagram has also become a great source of inspo for me, but it takes longer to peruse.

  8. If you had $1,000 to spend on a wardrobe piece, what would you spend it on? (and why!)

    I’d probably put the money towards a Chanel bag. It’s such a classic piece that can stand the test of time and be easily dressed up or down.

  9. Red or nude colored nail polish?

    Like fashion, my nails always depend on my mood. I’m big on DIY nail art, and change up my nail polish a few times per week, so I’ve tried every color/pattern under the sun.

  10. What are your favorite trends this season?

    Fringe, full skirts, and sheer paneling. I’m a sucker for different cuts and fun details.

  11. If you could offer a few words of wisdom to an aspiring blogger, what would they be?

    Do it because you love it, and not for the promise of free clothes or instafame. If you’re passionate about your blog and your style, your readers will be able to tell, and you’ll develop a following over time.

  12. What’s the most rewarding component of blogging?

    The most rewarding component has been getting out from behind the computer and camera and having a chance to meet and mingle with other bloggers and fashion industry insiders. Whether attending an event, setting up a brunch date with another blogger, or collaborating with a new company, the opportunity to socialize with other creative people and work with up-and-coming brands has really given me the most joy and fulfillment when it comes to blogging.