Well Living Blog

by Luba Dimitrova

When asked what she would wear for the rest of her life (if she could choose one outfit) this blogger said she would rock a crisp white shirt, skinny jeans, and stilettos. How fabulous is that? Luba Dimitrova runs the multi-faceted Well Living Blog. Dimitrova had to develop the concept for her blog, but today’s content and layout is more than impressive – it’s gorgeous. Aspiring bloggers can take a lot from this Canary Islands based blogger. Her style, recipe knowledge, and business-woman like mentality make Well Living Blog a force to be reckoned with.

  1. So, Luba - we love the nude/neutral colors of your blog, and love your European-city inspired content. Tell us about the idea behind Well Living Blog.

    So glad to hear that. Thank you! At the very beginning I didn’t have a clear concept in mind but the zest of sharing my vision on Fashion, Lifestyle, Traveling and Gastronomy. These are the major passions of my life. After almost 2 years of blogging Well Living Blog turned to be my creative destiny. It constantly challenges my imagination and wanderlust. More than fashion it is a personal - and lifestyle blog.

  2. Your blog covers fashion, lifestyle, and… food! (Our mouths started watering looking at all of the delicious plates) What’s your favorite column to write for, and why?

    Writing is a creative way of expressing thoughts and emotions and for me the most challenging one is the Gourmet column. I find it hard to explain in words the merriment of the palate while tasting delicious flavors or the excitement of discovering new foodie – spoiling spots. I also enjoy writing about emerging designers and feature any charity or social projects related to fashion.

  3. We love your ombre-fade hair color. It’s beautiful. Was that hard to achieve?

    Actually, no. The color you see in my roots is my natural one and having this almost blond shade I only got a bit of clearer shade at the hair ends.

  4. Do you have a must-wear accessory or wardrobe staple? Something you incorporate into every outfit (or most outfits)?

    Yes! A good pair of stilettos

  5. Who’s your favorite shoe designer?

    This is a tricky question because… I love shoes! I can’t name just one, but some of my favorites are Gianvito Rossi, Christian Louboutin, Alexandre Birne, Laurence Dacade, Kurt Geiger and Jorge Bischoff

  6. "Those who thrive to become a relevant blogger have to consider it as a business. And as any business it requires hard work, time, patience and constancy."— Luba Dimitrova
  7. You wear classic red so well, we are super envious! Do you have any tips on mastering the bold color? Teach us!

    Red is one of those colors that are very flattering for both blonds and brunettes. I love a pop of it at monochrome looks added by the accessories (shoes or bag) or a powerful red coat to cheer up cold and gray days. I am love pairing red with black, white and denim.

  8. Favorite clothing designer? (Try! If you could only shop one brand… what would it be?)

    Seriously? Just one? Then anything from Victoria Beckham. But this is still an unfair answer to so many other designers that I truly admire.

  9. If you could only wear one outfit everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Skinny jeans and crisp white shirt, paired with 5 inch stilettos.

  10. Gold or silver?

    Both! Depending on my mood and outfit.

  11. What trends are you seeing pop up for spring/summer?

    I think that we are going to take PJ’s out of our bedrooms and wear again bomber jackets. Candy colors, all shades of blue, yellow, graphic and floral prints will dye our wardrobes.

  12. Let’s talk beauty! Do you have any rules on makeup? (wearing, buying, etc?)

    I rely more on beauty care than on make up. I am a huge organic cosmetic enthusiast and you can find in my boudoir any kind of potions and lotions by Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Jurlique or Elemental Herbology. Apart from applying make up base and lip gloss I have no idea of how to feature my eyes, that’s why for special events I get my makeup done by my stylist.

  13. Taking into consideration the experience you’ve garnered over the past few years, what’s one piece of essential advice you’d give to an aspiring blogger?

    Blogging is such an enriching experience in many ways. However, those who thrive to become a relevant blogger have to consider it as a business. And as any business it requires hard work, time, patience and constancy.