Who Is Apneet

by Apneet Kaur

Based in New York City, Apneet Kaur from Who is Apneet? takes a new approach to blogging after moving from a previous website. With a style unlike any other, Kaur brings a new, fresh voice to the world of blogging. Her eloquent answers and honesty made Blogspotter fall in love with the dark-haired beauty. Take notice of this girl because she is taking the blogging world by storm. Who is Apneet? offers fashion inspiration for the inner street-style diva every woman wants to channel.

  1. You’ve switched up your focus quite a bit! You used to blog over at Fabric Snob. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about why you made the move over to your self-titled blog “Who is Apneet?”

    I wrote a detailed Editor’s Letter about the change over at FS, but the short story is that I’ve outgrown the site. The name is very fashion-centric, and I would like to explore more and express more beyond just clothing. The goal at Who is Apneet? is daily blogging, forcing me to constantly be writing, taking photos, taking in experiences and sharing. Aiming to develop a new post every day is really helping me stretch my creative muscles. There’s still a fashion focus on Who is Apneet? but I’m also working on print projects, some exciting fashion collaborations, zines, and so much more!

  2. Did you study fashion formally as an undergraduate?

    I’m actually an undergrad here in NYC and I’m majoring in Music, with a concentration in Flute. I also served as an editor at our college newspaper for three semesters.

  3. Who takes your photos? They’re just beautiful.

    Aww shucks, I wish I could say I had a photographer but most of the time it’s just myself, my tripod, and a camera remote. If someone else shot a blog post, I always leave a credit.

  4. Your posts ooze with color. We can’t stop staring. What gives you inspiration on a daily basis?

    Thank you! I’m inspired largely by my surroundings, the outside world wether it be the ocean or city buildings. I love color and texture, shapes and silhouettes. I’m also inspired by music, my favorite authors, and pretty much anything French.

  5. "The biggest thing I learned (out of necessity), is that layering is my friend."— Apneet Kaur
  6. What are you wearing right now?

    My favorite thing to wear right now is this oversized 90’s Walmart sweater (yes, really) that’s completely falling apart. I got it years ago from a friend of mine and it’s been passed around our circle of friends many times. It’s my turn to wear it again.

  7. Quick: List the first 5 adjectives that come to mind when you think of your blog.

    Adventurous, whimsical, fresh, daring, and humorous.

  8. You’re a Brooklynite. Have you always lived in Brooklyn? Does NYC generally have a strong influence on your style?

    I’m from the fairer coast! I grew up in the Bay Area, California, and moved to NYC in 2008 to attend college. Going from a season-less environment to four distinct weather periods has definitely influenced my style! The biggest thing I learned, out of necessity, is that layering is my friend.

  9. What’s your favorite social media platform? Do you find that it helps you with branding your blog? If so, in what way?

    I think I enjoy Instagram the most. It’s a great way to connect with my readers, and share with them little snaps in real time.

  10. Where do you see yourself in a year? 3 years?

    I don’t often think about long-term planning… my goals and ideals change every other week so I have no idea! There are so many avenues I’ve paced down that there’s no telling where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing there, and that in itself is most exciting.

  11. Taking into consideration the experience you’ve garnered over the past few years, what’s one piece of essential advice you’d give to an aspiring blogger.

    I would say “be yourself.” It sounds lame but it’s really the best thing. Find your own voice and MAKE YOUR OWN RULES!