xo Christine Marie

by Christine Reabe

We’re glad that Christine Reabe found the courage to start her blog xo Christine Marie. It is the perfect snapshot of her style - everything from casual cool to date night glam. A self-proclaimed tried and true beach girl, she gravitates to calm, earthy hues like gold and teal (also her favorite color!), prefers red over pink (in a heartbeat!), and respects what social media has done for her blog and it’s growth. Learn more about Christine and xo Christine Marie by getting to know her with Blogspotter below.

  1. Tell us about your semi-self titled blog, xo Christine Marie.

    xo Christine Marie is style blog where I showcase anything from work attire, causal comfy everyday outfits to weekend date night ensembles

  2. When did you first start blogging?

    I began blogging in September 2012 and it’s crazy to think about how much my blog has changed in that short year and a half. It began as a teacher inspired blog where I would post my work outfits along side teacher crafts. After a cross-country move, career change, and learning more about my audience it has evolved into a style blog of all sorts. I am so proud of the direction it has taken and can’t help but cringe a little when I look back to those first few posts. The thought of deleting some of the most embarrassing ones has definitely crossed my mind but it’s a good reminder of how much my blog has grown and matured.

  3. What was it that made you want to launch xo Christine Marie?

    I started my obsession with the blogosphere when I relocated for my first teaching position. I moved 4 hours from my parents to a town I didn’t know a soul for a job where I didn’t know anyone. I filled my free time with shopping and catching up on blogs. After a year of regular blog reading and many teachers at my school inquiring about my outfits and jewelry I started mulling around the idea of starting a blog of my own. After months of reading blogging books, nervous thoughts of people critics, and numerous design ideas I finally had the courage to make it happen.

  4. We love your style! It’s so girly and feminine, yet very professional. How would you self-describe your style, in a few words?

    My favorite thing about fashion is its versatility. Everyday I can be something different. Some days I feel like throwing on a biker jacket and studded heels, the next a J Crew skirt and cardigan and by the weekend I am all about cut off shorts and a flower in my hair. To sum up my everyday style I would say conservative with a touch of beach inspired casual.

  5. What’s one piece in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

    It has to be a good skinny jean. My body type is far from a model’s, I’m not stick thin and I measure up at only 5’3! So when you finally find that pair that fits like a glove it’s as if the clouds have parted and angels sing. Let’s be honest, a good fitting jean completes any look.

  6. If you could only shop one brand for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    The older I get the more I realize it’s all about the hunt. I prefer browsing the Internet, shopping at vintage stores, or paroozing the never-ending rows at TJ Maxx than sticking to one particular store. When you read my blog you know I am a self proclaimed Maxxinista. My high school self, who was a strictly a labels girl would cringe at that last statement. The older I get the less I care for labels and the more thrive off the awesome find. Maybe it’s because I am shopping with my own money now? But I’ll just credit it to the fact I am more ‘mature’!

  7. Let’s talk about social media. Do you find that social media has played a very important role in the growth of xo Christine Marie?

    Social media has been a huge part of my growth. Being that I blog about fashion, pictures are a crucial aspect in drawing readers to my page. Which in turn has made me obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. Both have been my biggest platforms in showcasing my outfits. I still find it crazy when I scroll through the popular page of pinterest and come across pictures of myself. Not to mention when I spot one with thousands of pins, I think ‘wow that many people enjoyed what I put together’!

  8. "It may sound silly because I've read it in books and people are always saying it but that’s because it's true – you have to be yourself."— Christine Reabe
  9. Your logo is so cute! Did you design it yourself? How did you come up with the idea for it? (we love the hanger!)

    Thank you! As I mentioned before I went through quite a few design options when first brainstorming the idea of my own blog. Jenn from Hello, Brio Studio designed my first layout. After a few months of blogging I contacted Jenn a second time when I was more comfortable with the direction my blog was going. I knew I wanted something sleek and simple. My boyfriend is an amazing artist and I told him I wanted something elegant and exampled the hanger idea and voila, he delivered! Thanks to Jenn I was able to make it come alive.

  10. How are you feeling about the statement piece trend? Do you prefer one chunky piece of jewelry, or lots of dainty pieces?

    Wow, do I have to pick just one? My jewelry collection is larger than I would like to admit and I was suckered right into the statement jewelry trend. I own a statement piece in just about every shape and color. Just recently I have become Etsy obsessed (if there was an Etsy Addicts Anonymous I would be first in line) and I have been strictly buying dainty layering pieces. But my absolute favorite has been a simple outfit, a statement piece and some long layered dainty pieces; best of both worlds!

  11. Who takes your photographs for you? They’re beauty-full!

    Thank you! My awesome and supportive boyfriend takes all of my pictures. Some days I have to bribe him with some chocolate or a beer when it’s a football Sunday and I have to a deadline to meet but he is such an important part of my blog. His help and support has really made it what it is today.

  12. QUICK! Red or pink?

    Red all the way! Nothing beats a good red lip or flirty red pump.

  13. QUICK! Gold finish or silver finish?

    Easy, without a doubt, gold. Sometimes I need to remind myself of all the great silver pieces I own because I tend to always gravitate towards my gold pieces.

  14. What’s the most rewarding component of blogging?

    The most rewarding component of blogging has been the followers and fellow bloggers I’ve met. The blogosphere has such a sense of community with so many uplifting people. I have made some great friends through this competitive blogging world whom I now know on a personal level. Sometimes I have to take a step back and giggle when I am out with fellow bloggers and think about how I never would have met them if it weren’t for taking that leap of faith in starting my own blog.

  15. What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you since you started xo Christine Marie?

    The coolest thing was when I received an email from something simply telling me they were a ‘fan’. I thought “I have fans?!”, “People actually look forward to my next post?” They may be my only ‘fan’, aside from my mom, but it’s pretty cool knowing I have at least one.

  16. QUICK! What’s your favorite color?

    Teal! I’m a beach girl tried and true and you can find little pops of teal in my wardrobe, jewelry, apartment and even my blog design. Sometimes I have to tell myself “Christine, you don’t need that 10th teal necklace!”

  17. If you could offer one piece of must-have advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

    It may sound silly because I’ve read it in books and people are always saying it but that’s because it’s true – you have to be yourself. But I will add a second part to that, take your time. When I first began my blog I tried to be very ‘by the book’. I have a Masters degree and am quite the perfectionist in my everyday life so my blog has been no different. But after a year of blogging I had to take a step back and remind myself why I blog. To share my story, my clothes, and what I love. I use to rush to put together an outfit just because ‘I hadn’t posted in a few days’ or think ‘everyone is posting holiday trends so I should probably get on that too’ but that has since changed. Now that I have slowed down I think my posts have become richer, my outfits are more true to what I want to represent and I am much happier with the final product. It’s about having fun!